How to Style Your Fall Dining Room Decor This Season

Today, we are starting all of the fall decorating, so we will focus on my fall dining room table decor. We're going to be decorating very simply. I have some very warm, rich tones that I want to use this fall season.

I've already had many of these items, and there are many things I've played with from years past and come up with a new look for it. I have some items from Hobby Lobby and some thrifted pieces. I'm going to be using accents of black and brass as well.

I'm going to be focusing on our dining room table. I have a centerpiece that I'm going to be doing that is pretty and is very timeless. Then we're also going to decorate the hutch, and I have a couple of corner nooks in my dining room.

Hutch wall decor

First, we will start with the wall with the hutch on it. Everything I am using here was thrifted. I have wooden window panes I like to keep on my walls for added texture and a bit of visual interest. I'm going to be adding some hanging plants.

Hutch wall decor

I purchased these last year from Target, and I like to place a little nail in the center of the wooden pane, and I just hang the plant there.

I love that they are not only natural with the wooden elements, but they also have really rich fall colors in them.

Decorating a hutch for fall

As far as the items inside the hutch go, many of these pieces are thrifted, and then I'm just using some filler pieces from places like Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and Target.

All of these are from years past. Whenever I decorate my hutch, I like to use similar items but switch out the colors each season. So you will see me change out greenery, and sometimes, instead of using brass candlesticks, I'll use black candlesticks, but the overall feel is pretty much the same using those wooden accents, brass accents, different mixed metals, and things like that.

Interior doors

We have white interior doors, and I always like to put something on the one in the dining room just because there's simply too much white in this corner.

Placing flowers in a wicker basket

I'm taking a flat wicker basket and placing some flowers in there.

I always like to place something next to the hutch on the floor, so I took a thrifted basket along with a plaid blanket from Amazon last year and some floral stems from Target last year. I'm just going to be making a little arrangement with this.

Adding stems and a cozy blank to a basket

I am also placing the blanket there so it has a very relaxed look.

I don't want anything too structured. I'm going to be placing those floral stems inside to make it look a little bit taller and to bring in those rich colors.

Dining room table

Moving along to the fall dining room table decor. I love styling my dining room table, but I like keeping it simple because we eat every meal here. So it's much easier to have one thing and then do an entire tablescape closer to Thanksgiving.

Laying jute runners on a dining table

I have used two jute runners for a year and a half.

I just can't find any other runners I love, so I'm taking an oversized runner from the hearth I hand-lined last summer and layering it over another jute table runner.

For the centerpiece, the star of the show, we are going to be using a round basket. You can take any type of tray basket you want, and for a little bit of texture and pattern, I am taking a yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Basket with a blanket

I'm simply laying this in the basket again with that relaxed feel.

I love the look of table napkins, linens, and things like that in a basket on a dining room table. So this is a different take on that, and then, as far as the main centerpiece, I'm taking a thrifted brass vase and putting in some dried eucalyptus.

The eucalyptus is from those huge bundles from Hobby Lobby. It is the exact colors that I wanted to incorporate into my home. I've had this for a couple of years now, but I rarely use it, so I decided to bring it out this year, and I think it worked perfectly for this space.

The centerpiece is low, so it's not in your way whenever you're eating, but it's just very pretty and catches your eye. To give this a bit of height, I'm going to add in black wrought iron candlesticks.

Creating a fall centerpiece

I'm going to be placing candles inside of those, and I'm also going to incorporate a couple of pumpkins to tie in with the hutch.

I'm not doing anything crazy here; these are basic decor pieces you can put together and style on the table.

Dining room corners

I have two little corners in my dining room that I like to style as well each season. I brought a faux leather chair to brighten this up and add more contrast.

Layering a plaid blanket and pillow on a chair

I will be layering in a plaid blanket and a pillow on the chair to make it look a little cozier. With the cooler weather coming, I decided this would be a perfect touch.

I also have another little area with a thrifted table that I love styling each season. This one, again, is just going to be kept very simple.

I'm going to be taking a magnolia magazine and layering that on the bottom so that it's a base, and then I have a thrifted basket in which I'm going to be placing some potpourri. I'm also going to be using a faux plant from last year in an amber vase. It's the perfect color scheme to go with the rest of the dining room.

Styling a little thrifted table for fall

To add some height, I'm going to be using black candlesticks and placing rust orange candles inside.

Fall dining room table decor

I hope you got some fall dining room table decor and dining room decor inspiration today. If you did, let me know in the comments below which area you enjoyed the best. You can also check out my fall decor ideas on Amazon.

Let me know your favorite, and share your fall decor ideas.

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  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Oct 05, 2023
    Your dining room decor is beautiful. Love the hutch and the lattice work with the plants. Looks warm and inviting.