10 Easy Home Enhancements to Give Your Space an Instant Upgrade

Unlock the secrets to transforming your home into a cozy haven with these 10 simple home enhancements. If you've ever struggled to distinguish between an ordinary-looking home interior and the luxurious ambiance of a high-end dwelling, fret no more.

Here, I'm sharing tips, tricks, and personal discoveries that I have successfully incorporated into my own living space. Let's delve in!

Decluttered living room space

1. Declutter your space

It's so easy to think that adding extra decor and decorating these spaces to the max will make your home look high-end because you spent more money on your decor. If you take a step back and take items off, they'll get a chance to shine and elevate your home. Put your favorite pieces up and put your least favorite away.

Reconfiguring a home by moving furniture

2. Reconfigure your space

Play around with the furniture that you have. See what works and what doesn't. For example, I have a beautiful modular sofa. I love that I can play around with this sofa to see what style I want. I've found a layout that works best for not only my family but the style and setup of this home.

The thing that works best for our space in this living room is a large sectional sofa because of the age of our kids. It's perfect because it's durable, you can jump on it, and it's washable.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a home exterior

3. Add a fresh coat of paint

I don't think people realize the power of paint. I've seen homes listed on realtor.com and Zillow that are considered outdated homes, and all people have done is refinish the floors and do a fresh coat of paint. A simple paint job can transform a space. We're doing that in our entryway, and I'm so excited about the transformation.

Warmer vs cooler light bulbs

4. Change out your light bulbs

This can be something that can be done in one day. It will cost a little extra, and I recommend keeping your older light bulbs just in case you change your mind.

We did this and changed the light to a bright white in our house. If you research this, a lot of people think it gives it a less cozy feel because you're taking that warm element out, and the bright white can give off a tint of blue, but we love it. It's great for taking photos in our home. It's great for videoing in our home, which is what we do as our business, so it's something that's beneficial for us.

I feel like it gives off a high-end look. The bright white comes off as homey, bright, and welcoming.

Changing outlet covers

5. Change your outlet covers

This can go from basic to beautiful. We took our builder-grade outlets and changed them to beadboard ones that we got at our local Home Depot. We did this with our light switches and then the outlets. I know a lot of people like to do the smart home ones, which also look cool, but if you're going for a farmhouse/cottage feel, then this is a great look to go with.

Changing kitchen hardware

6. Change your hardware

It's easy to change the little things in your kitchen on a budget. This came to mind because our kitchen faucet recently broke. We had to change our faucet, and we changed it to a brass color, and it's beautiful; it's got a vintage vibe, and now we're thinking that the kitchen pulls and knobs would be perfect for updating.

Changing blinds on the windows

7. Change your blinds

We have two combinations in our house. We have Roman shades, and then we have just the standard blinds from Home Depot, and it's time to upgrade those.

If we were to have just invested from the beginning in Roman shades in those other spaces, it would have been the same cost because we've had to replace the cheaper ones so often. It gives such a high-end look, and it adds an additional texture to your home.

Pendant light in the hallway

8. Add light fixtures & pendant lighting to your home

Pendant lighting is fantastic in hallways. I've seen so many people transform these spaces simply with light fixtures. When we built our home, I had no idea what I was doing, and I installed recessed lighting throughout our whole home as well as the boob lights in all of the bedrooms, which was such a no-no.

Now we are fixing those, updating those with pendant lightings and other light fixtures to add more character and a little more "oomph" to our home.

Shiplap accent wall

9. Add accent walls to your home

We have done so many different transformations with accent walls. We've done wallpaper, wall murals, board and batten, shiplap walls, we've used tongue and groove, and we've used peel and stick shiplap. These have added character to our house, up-leveled our home, and given it a custom feel that we love.

Enhancing a home with high-end trim

10. Change your trim

What differentiates a beautiful home from a high-end home is the way they do their trim. This is something that we did in the majority of our homes, and we love the way it looks. One of my favorite walls has a board and batten and beautiful high-end trim.

Easy home enhancements

I hope these tips and tricks for home enhancements were helpful to you. Let me know your favorites in the comments down below. I hope this is something that you can refer back to and that you can accomplish something on this list in your home for a quick upgrade.

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  • Patricia Patricia on Jan 20, 2024
    I, too, like the idea of changing the outlet covers and hardware. Thanks.
  • Ren94365844 Ren94365844 on Jun 07, 2024
    I believe brick homes are beautiful without being painted. Once you paint a brick home,you are forever committed to the paint.