Common Decorating Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

by Rohina

Today I’m going to talk about decorating mistakes and how to avoid them. As someone who loves making their rental space feel like home, I've learned a thing or two about decorating without making structural changes. Structural changes are where the biggest mistakes can happen.

Furnishings and decor

Let's talk about the fun stuff: upholstery, cushions, and furniture that can transform your space, even if you're planning to move later on.

You might have thought about adding a pop of color or choosing an accent color for your place.

Choosing just one color

Here's a common mistake: sticking to just one accent color and using it everywhere in the same shade.

Instead of doing that, here's a better approach: pick one color and then use different shades of it as accents.

This simple change can make a big difference and it creates balance in your home and makes everything look more cohesive.

Plus, it stops things from looking too childish or too perfectly matched. Give it a try and see how it elevates your space!

When decorating a rental, you can't make big changes to the structure of the place. But you can still make it feel like home by choosing the right colors and accents.

One of the biggest decorating mistakes people make is using the same accent color all over their home. Instead, pick one color and use different shades of it as accents. This creates balance and makes your space look more put together.

Common decorating mistakes

Comment below with any tips you have for avoiding decorating mistakes.

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  • Martin Ver steeg Martin Ver steeg on Apr 20, 2024
    Let's leave the mid and dark grays for the Navy. These are shades that are depressing to me. .I like the colors in nature, especially blues in the sky, the Scarlets and purples , golds and greens. but maybe becauseI am an artist and beadworker
  • Darlene Duncan Darlene Duncan on Apr 21, 2024
    Nothing drives crazy like Gloss ceilings! Or Gloss paint on anything walls or ceiling.. A semi Gloss is enough, for bathroom walls and kitchen (if you have kids) or need surfaces that can handle constant cleaning, like doors and frames, baseboards, and other trims hands come into contact with often..