18 Walmart Christmas Decorations For 2023 & How to Style Them

A bunch of Walmart Christmas decorations are really in this year, so I'm going to condense it down into the most popular and must-have items in 2023. This list of Walmart Christmas decor is your chance to scoop the best items out there before they sell out.

Disclaimer: I may receive a small affiliate commission from purchases made via links in this article but at no cost to you.

Wooden bells

1. Wooden bells

Natural wood elements are huge this holiday season, and these wooden bells will look great in any home.

Battery-operated candles example 1
Battery-operated candles example 2

2. Battery-operated candles

These battery-operated candles have two different styles and are reasonably priced, so if you like this more sleek wood look, or if you like the more natural birch wood look to the candles, they have both options there.

Wooden trees

3. Wooden trees

There were so many of these little wooden tree options. You can mix and match them or group them together.

White ceramic trees

4. White ceramic trees

I thought these white ceramic Christmas trees were so pretty. They came in two sizes, are very classy, and would give you a really nice aesthetic.

White ceramic tree ornament

5. Ornaments

There is an endless array of Walmart Christmas tree decorations priced at $1.98. This white ceramic tree and their wooden ornaments would go with any of the other decor pieces I have shown you so far.

Frosted Christmas wreath

6. Wreaths and garlands

One of the easiest ways to make your home festive, cozy, and inviting for winter is to add greenery. Walmart had a lot of the real feel of greenery in wreaths and garlands, so look for pieces that have a more realistic look and touch to them. Both are excellent examples of Walmart outdoor Christmas decorations.

Woven tree collar

7. Woven tree collars

I've seen these natural woven tree collars everywhere on designer web pages, but this one is a good price here at Walmart.

Gold tree collar

8. Gold tree collars

I bought a similar gold tree collar two seasons ago, but I spent way more than $17, so this is a great option to dress up your tree.

Metallic wreath

9. Metallic wreath

To add both texture and metal detail, this My Texas House wreath is beautiful, and I love the gold metallic of it, but also the texture of the leaf.

Gold ceramic metallic trees

10. Ceramic metallic trees

These ceramic trees marry texture with a metallic look. I love that they’re slightly antiqued and distressed.

My Texas House lanterns

11. Lanterns

These My Texas House lanterns would look good on a hearth or on a porch. The possibilities are endless.

Metal reindeer Pottery Barn dupe

12. Metal reindeer

These metal reindeer are a really close dupe for a Pottery Barn version.

Metal lantern box

13. Metal lantern box

I thought this black and gold metal lantern box was really pretty. This is one of those items that you could use in your home all year round, not just Christmas.

Metal elk

14. Metal elk

I think this elk is beautiful, but he's a little pricey.

Vintage-style bells

15. Vintage-style bells

Christmas always evokes thoughts of bells, and they are more popular than ever. These classic vintage-style bells are everywhere. They have antique, red, black, white, and gold.

Paper star decor

16. Paper decor

Paper decor designs like these are all over high-end websites. I think this is a great way to decorate your home for Christmas. You could even get your kids involved and make paper snowflakes, stars, and angels.

Miniature decor

17. Miniature decor

Walmart has a great selection of miniature items, including ornaments for miniature trees. I like to use these to decorate my packages because pretty packages under the Christmas tree make the tree look even better than it already does.

Beaded garland

18. Beaded garland

Remember to think beyond the Christmas season. I use this beaded garland in my everyday decor throughout the year.

Styling Walmart Christmas decor

I'm so excited to share with you my ideas for styling Walmart Christmas decor in your home.

Cypress tree

Cypress tree

This cypress tree is a dupe for a very high-end Crate and Barrel tree, and they are hard to find. The LED lights on it are very subtle and nice. It was worth the $59 I paid for it.

Black metal reindeer

Black metal reindeer

These black metal reindeer are a Pottery Barn dupe. They have a wonderful texture to them, and I love that they are substantial in weight.

Black metal deer

Black metal deer

This black metal deer has a very geometrical design to it. I like the clean-cut lines of it as well.

Black metal candlesticks

Black metal candlesticks

I found these black metal candlesticks ( 7.5-inch and 9-inch) for a really good price, so I snagged them. I can use them throughout my home all year long.

Battery-powered lamp

Battery-powered lamp

I found this little battery-powered lamp in the regular home décor section at Walmart. I wanted to get this and add it to my Christmas decor, but again, use it throughout my home the rest of the year as well.

Gold embossed picture of Christmas trees

Gold embossed picture

This picture is gold embossed on the front of the glass. It's kind of like a shadow box depth, and it’s going to add that pop of metallic gold to my holiday decor.

Gold bells in Christmas decor

Gold bells

You got a sneak peek at this next item. These gold bells look so nice in the garland and really bring in that pop of color and a metallic element.

Red velvet ribbon

Metallic and velvet ribbon

I got this ribbon for $9 for a 30-foot spool and it is beautiful. It's metallic on one side and velvet on the other.

String lights

String lights

I like the warm white string lights from Walmart, and I add them to absolutely everything around my home at Christmas time.

Christmas swag from Walmart


This $12.98 swag feels so real. It is full and lush, and it does not shed.

Antique cowbells

Antique cowbells

I am going to pair the swag with these antique cowbells. They come in multiple colors.

Jingle bells

Jingle bells

If you're looking for something more traditional and classic than the vintage cowbells, Walmart has these jingle bells. I got them in red, but they also had them in white.

Walmart Christmas decor

Walmart is the place to find the perfect items to style your home with this holiday season. Which of the Walmart Christmas decorations on my list are you going to buy this year? Share your absolute favorites in the comments down below.

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