7 Common Curtain Hanging Mistakes & How to Fix Them

I'm going to share tips on how to hang curtains and avoid curtain-hanging mistakes with you. Curtains are an essential part of your home decor, especially when you want it to look luxurious and expensive. Curtains can elevate your look if hung properly, so read on.

I see several mistakes people make when hanging or installing curtains at home. It's possible a lot of people are not aware, or they aren't bothered by things like that. So, let's go down to seven curtain-hanging mistakes and how to correct them.

Hanging curtains at the right height

1. Hanging the curtain on the window level

This is a big no-no. I see people hang their curtains just slightly above their window level. This doesn't look appealing in any way.

Placing curtains as high as possible

It is advisable to place your curtain as high as possible.

The only time this is excusable is when there's something else hanging above the wall, which is also a problem, and I'll talk about it in another video.

The reason why you should hang your curtain as high as possible is that it shows off the lushness of your curtain design. It gives an illusion of a high and bigger window. It also makes your space look expensive. If you have made this blunder, you can have it corrected by getting a curtain installer. If you're in Lagos, Nigeria, I could come to your rescue.

How to calculate the width of curtains

2. Not buying the right width

Know that there's no such thing as a standard size because every window is different in height, width, and space's purpose.

Installing curtains at home

When installing curtains at home, the fabric should be three times the size of the window so it can have that full lushness, especially when using a rod and an eyelet hanging system.

Getting those extra yards of fabric may be a little more expensive, but trust me, it's a worthy investment.

Curtains that are too long
Curtains that are too short

3. Making your curtains too long or too short

I always say that when your curtains are too short, it makes it look cheap, and when they are too long, it makes it look really shabby. To fix this, always make sure you measure the height of your window before you make a purchase.

Call a professional to measure and install your curtains if you don't have a measuring tape.

Curtains that kiss the ground

The best look for your curtain is to let it kiss the ground or, at most, one inch longer.

If the wall above your window is free, you can measure from top to bottom or, in whatever case, from the floor to wherever you want the curtain to hang.

Measuring a window for curtains

4. Placing your curtains at the exact width of your window

This is majorly focused on the rod or the pole. Usually, when I measure, I measure an extra four inches both to the left and to the right side.

Where to place curtains

Although it can be more than four inches, never place your cutting at the exact width of your window.

If you place it at the exact width of your window, no matter how full your cuttings are, it will never fully block out the sun and won't stop peeping toms from peeking from the outside. So extend your poles to cover your window fully to have a beautiful treatment.

5. Using very cheap fabric and rods

I get that most people just want to block the sun from coming in or stop people from peeking into their homes, but curtains perform more than just those two functions.

How to choose curtains

If you want to have a beautiful interior, invest in good-quality fabrics and rods.

I like those thick fabrics that block out the light, especially for bedrooms. Unlike those light fabrics that allow light to pass through and disrupt your sleep, you get to sleep longer and wake whenever you want to.

Remember, I said curtains make your home look expensive and cohesive. So grab every opportunity you can to make your home look better.

6. Choosing the right curtain hanging style and design

There are about six curtain hanging styles. Let me quickly mention the most commonly used styles.

Eyelet curtain example
Box pleat
Rod pocket

There's the eyelet, there's the box pleat, there's the rod pocket.

I find the eyelet and box pleat design really functional and beautiful, especially for living rooms and bedrooms. Rod pockets can appear really clumsy and cheap, so avoid that for your living rooms and bedrooms. It will probably work in your kitchen or toilet.

7. Not using an inner curtain

As I said earlier, use thick fabric that completely blocks out the light.

Adding a day blind

But don't also forget to add a lighter fabric, day blind, as it's popularly called around here.

How to hang curtains

When you open up the thick fabric, you still have that thin panel covering the window, and your house is not completely exposed to the outside world.

Extra tips

Here are some other things that can make your curtains look super luxurious. I like to use bronze or gold rods instead of the regular black rods.

A touch of gold in your space accentuates your cuttings and makes your space look grandiose. I'd rather you don't use any tiebacks instead of using a cheap one. There are several beautiful tieback designs that can enhance the beauty of your curtains, so get one and make it look great.

Never use a slim rod when you're using a heavy curtain. It won't appeal to the eyes, and because it's not proportional, the weight of the curtain will drag the pole down.

Curtain hanging mistakes and how to fix them

I hope you found these tips for how to hang curtains and avoid curtain-hanging mistakes helpful. Let me know in the comments what styling techniques you use for your curtains. Stay tuned for more home decor tips!

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