Thrifted Spring Home Decor: What to Look For & Styling Tips

We are talking about all things spring home decor. I especially love thrifted home decor for spring. You can decorate for every season without spending a fortune.

What to look for

One of the things that I always keep an eye out for while going to thrift stores or antique stores is wicker pieces.

I like to keep an eye out for wicker trays and wicker bottles. You can use these items all year round because they are typically neutral pieces you can find and place in every room in your home.

Grapevine basket

One of the things that stood out to me was this grapevine basket.

It would be great to hang on a door for spring, and you can add some florals to it and make a wreath out of that. You can even hang that on some hooks on a hall tree or something along those lines to spruce up an area for spring and add in that wicker, and, like me, the grapevine textures add some organic and lifelike material to your home.


Another thing that I like to keep an eye out for is the different varieties of vessels and bottles and things along those lines.

Crock with blue stripes

So I thought this crock was so pretty, especially with the blue stripes.

I am a sucker for blue, so incorporating those light and airy colors into your home again would be a great thing to add for spring and even into the summer months.

Books in a thrift store


I also like to keep an eye out for some vintage books. Depending on where you are, these come in various sizes, colors, and prices. Sometimes, these can be a little high, but this booth had great prices, and I like what they had here: lots of wood elements and lighter tones.

Thrifted artwork


Another popular thing I think is pretty to incorporate into your home is still-life pictures or landscape art. It is so pretty, and you can incorporate many pretty elements into a home for those warmer months to give it that very lived-in, organic feel.

The thrift store haul

I'm just going to start grabbing some things.

Still-life watercolor

One of the things that I wanted to show you is a still-life watercolor type of photo.

This was secondhand to me, as you guys can see here. It has some florals on here, and it has a wooden frame with this little knob here. This is how I hang it on my wall.

DIY vessel

DIY vessels

I want to share this next piece with you guys, which is a DIY project. I love to DIY different vessels to make them look like faux pottery. This is one that I have kept. It was a crock, and it had a picture of fruit or something on it.

We ended up making this into a little pottery-looking vase. So, as you can see, it has some taupes, some ivories, and things like that to make it look a little more neutral and gorgeous. This would be so great to add some spring florals.

Thrifted lamp


This next piece was a random one. This isn't something you'll always find, but it is something you can keep your eye out for. This is a little lamp. I found this at my local thrift store, and it looks like faux pottery.

I love to incorporate lamps into my kitchen in a little corner nook. I've also started to incorporate them into my bathroom. I love how it looks in there

You could easily find a lamp at a thrift store and DIY it if you want this pottery look.

White flowers


One of the things that I love keeping an eye out for is greenery and flowers because thrift stores can save you so much money. I've been able to find some pretty unique things.

As far as spring florals go, I hit the jackpot a couple of years ago with some florals, which are so beautiful. I know that for me personally, I love to incorporate those white and kind of ivory florals into my home for spring.

Flower arrangement in a basket

This is how I've styled these in the past.

I've had these in a huge vase and a basket that looked pretty and whimsical.

My next set of flowers is these. I found these a couple of years ago at the antique store, and they were in a bundle altogether. There are two different types of floral stems here. These are pretty realistic, too, especially when they are all mixed together.

You can make so many different arrangements. You can mix and match these floral sets and play around with them. I know that's what I've done in the past, and I think it looks very realistic whenever you combine them and make a little makeshift arrangement.

Large glass bottle

One of the ways that I like florals is to style them in big bottles.

I have found several of these in different colors at thrift stores before. If you cannot find these at thrift stores because thrifting is very hit or miss, if you just really like this bottle style, you can find these at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx for under $20.

Glass bottle as a vase
Tinted blue bottle with a flower arrangement

This is just a great way to add some more color. I have a tinted blue, which gives your room a unique look.

I have two more things that I want to share with you, and they are more of the basket-style look.

Large picnic basket

One thing is a large picnic basket, as you guys can see, has handles on the top.

It also has a faux leather strap on the top here with a buckle. It's so cute, it opens up, and the inside is striped with blue and ivory and has little dishes.

It just folds up and snaps, so it's very convenient. I think it would be so sweet if you want to go on a picnic or take this to the beach. I like to style it just like for decor purposes. I think it's really unique and just fun.

Wicker magazine holder

The last thing I have for you is a wicker magazine holder, but you can use this as a log holder if you want to.

I've placed this inside of our fireplace before, added our logs, and again, because of the light wicker, it just livens it up a little. It brightens it up for this time of year, but you can also have them like a little flower basket with the right florals.

You can find magazine baskets all of the time.

Thrifted spring home decor

I hope you enjoyed my spring home decor haul and were inspired to style pieces like this in your home. What have you picked up for spring decor? Share your style in the comments below.

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