How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious: 14 Simple Tips

Do you want to learn how to make your home look luxurious? I will show some of my best tricks for bringing luxury home decor into your everyday life. I’m going to take you through some areas of my house to show you how I bring luxury as well as function into my life in small, manageable, and most importantly, affordable ways.

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Bathroom counter with glass bottles and decanters

1. Bathroom sink area

I love trays so here I am corralling a bunch of items in an antique silver tray. I have replaced some of the bottles my products come in, like mouthwash, and put them into pretty glass bottles or crystal decanters. I keep Q-tips in a little silver jar, too. I almost immediately dispose of the boxes when I come home from the grocery store.

Bathroom sink area
Floating bathroom shelves for displays and storage

2. Bathroom shelves

I have a lot of space in my bathroom but you can transfer these ideas to a smaller space. One of the most underutilized spaces in a bathroom is the area over the toilet. I like to incorporate a lot of floating shelves into my projects. These shelves can hold displays as well as storage.

Glass built-in shelf alcove area

I have a beautiful glass built-in shelf alcove area over my bathtub. I have a silver plated tray and vanity pieces from the late 1800s. Instead of having a cluster of store-bought jars cluttering up the shelves, I use these beautiful vessels.

I also have beautiful Swarovski cut crystal containers that were flea-market finds. I use them to hold extra soap. You’ll never see packages of soap in my drawers.

Antique perfume bottle used as a diffuser

Here’s an antique piece that probably used to be a perfume bottle. But the top is gone and I use it for my diffusers.

Bathroom counter with a marble top

3. Bathroom counter

I have a beautiful custom vanity made with a marble top. I like to do this in my projects so makeup can be put on away from the sink.

Lamp with no wires showing

These lamps are hardwired. There’s no plug showing. The wire comes out the bottom of my lamp and through a tiny hole in the marble top. The wire goes down behind the drawers and connects to the plug. I just flip a switch on in the morning to turn on both lights at once. There are no wires showing, which to me is a luxury.

Tray with antique vanity jars

I have more antique vanity jars on the countertop to hold bobby pins, hair clips, cotton balls, and extra buttons. I keep brushes in another silver jar. These things can be found at garage sales, flea markets, and on eBay very inexpensively. Everything has a place and it’s functional but it all looks pretty.

Glass boxes example 1
Glass boxes example 2

4. Glass boxes

I use beautiful glass boxes and apothecary jars all over the house.

Tissue boxes and luxury art

5. Tissue boxes and luxury art

I never have a tissue box in my house. I have pretty square or rectangular glass boxes for them. If you can get a hold of luxury designer shopping bags, cut out the logo and frame them.

Memory jars with flower petals and shells

6. Memory jars

I have a collection of dried roses and other flower petals from special occasions and milestones. I have in another memory jar a collection of shells my children and I collected over the years on our trips.

White towels in the bathroom

7. White towels

Whenever anyone asks me what color I prefer for towels, I always say white! White towels are spa-like, clean, and fresh. I replace the dingy ones every year.

Using apothecary jars for soap, bath salts, and body scrubs
Apothecary jar with bath salts

8. Apothecary jars

I put soap, bath salts, and body scrub in these jars.

Breakfast bar with cereals in glass containers

9. Breakfast bar

I understand not everyone has the space for a separate breakfast or coffee bar. But if you can divide your kitchen into zones, it would make it easier. For example, an area just where the breakfast stuff is. That way, the kids aren’t all over the place when getting their breakfast.

Do the same with your coffee and drink section. Here, you can see in my breakfast bar the cereals have been taken out of the packages and put into glass jars. All the glasses, bowls, and cups for breakfast are located in the glass cabinet above the counter.

I am lucky enough to have refrigerated drawers so when you open them, you’ll find milk for the cereal. I also keep all the dry ingredients for breakfast, plus vitamins, in the other set of drawers.

Glass-front cabinet with all white dishes

10. The kitchen proper

I have a glass-front cabinet filled with all-white dishes. It’s not about the placement of them, it’s about the consistency of color. For me, it's luxurious to have the visual of all white dishes in one spot.

Glass cookie jar

11. Cookie jar

I keep cookies in another glass jar. Here’s a little tip: when they go stale, we crush them, mix them with butter, and make a pie crust out of them. Then we make an ice cream pie.

Paper towels on a stand

12. Paper towels

This is a beef of mine–paper towels and paper towel stands. I prefer putting them in a bottle coaster like this silver one. It’s less obtrusive.

High-quality faux flowers

13. Faux flowers

I have a beautiful faux white orchid and it sort of hides the paper towels. I also have faux and real flowers on the other corner near the kitchen window. But investing in a good quality faux flower arrangement looks like the real thing.

Using a vintage ice bucket as a utensil holder

14. Utensil holder

It’s a necessary evil but by the stove, I place my cooking utensils in a vintage champagne or ice bucket.

How to make your home look luxurious

You can learn how to add luxury to your home by thinking outside the box. You might even have some of these vintage items in your home already and you can get started putting them around the house. Let me know what you think in the comments about all these little luxury touches.

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  • P P on Mar 19, 2024
    No glass containers in our bathroom! splinters of glass in bare toes? no thanks! Try using laundry blueing & a white vinegar rinse to white towels to make them last longer than a year! And watch the potpourri from old bouquets & corsages! Silverfish seem to love burrowing into them! Yuck
  • Nancy Nancy on Mar 19, 2024
    Beautiful and great ideas. Would love to have space to do some of these things. Would love to see you do these things in Small areas.