Afro-Boho Bedroom: How to Create a Custom Look With Thrifted Items

I’m going to take you on a tour of my Afro-boho bedroom! It’s filled with Afro-boho decor that was thrifted and found on Facebook Marketplace. Thrifting like this is a way to customize your home decor so it’s never going to look like anyone else’s home. It’s part of my “custom on a budget” philosophy. Let’s go!

My bedroom!

1. My bureau

This is my primary bedroom and I’ve thrifted a lot of pieces in this space. For example, I’ve had this art deco piece for quite some time–it’s about 70 years old, I believe. It has beautiful inlay detail.

I have this vintage hors d'oeuvres tray from the 1970s that I use as my jewelry holder on top of the dresser. I also have a thrifted elephant, a lamp on top, as well as my thrifted vintage mirror which I’ve had for so long.

2. My little corner

I have a small chest gifted to me and I added some brass knobs to give it some personality.

This corner is like a little landing station for me where I keep a basket with eyeglasses, a stack of magazines, my everyday jewelry, and a few reminders to relax and love.

The little tree is a reminder to honor my family history and ancestral energy.

3. My chair

I thrifted this sturdy, comfortable bamboo chair–I think I paid about $5 for it. It was dirty, dusty, and dingy when I bought it. I recovered the cushions with this beautiful mudcloth. I sit here and put on my shoes.

4. Plant stand

Look at this fun patterned plant stand. I love to layer patterns in a room.

5. Curtains

This is a pair of thrifted curtains. It’s another example of layering patterns in a room. The sheers lighten up the look.

6. Bedside table number 1

This simple wood table has an inlay of cane on the top. It holds my favorite books, a vintage camera, and other thrifted items. The orange lamp is a mid-century piece.

7. Walls

I have more grasscloth wallcovering behind the bed. It’s a smoky dark brown that looks chocolate sometimes and black other times depending on the lighting.

Above the bed is a picture of me when I was 17. I was doing a little modeling and the photographer was having fun with exposures. I repainted the frame with spray paint. The mat is mudcloth remnants from the fabric I used to recover the chair.

8. Bedscape

I love creating bedscapes. I love walking into my room and feeling like I walked into a spa retreat. You don’t wait to create this type of space for when you are having company, you do it for yourself!

I love my bed frame and headboards–it’s neutral wood so I can layer as many patterns on it as I want. This layering is filled with different textures, including furry pillows from either Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx.

I actually got some patterned pillows from Aldi!

I made these green pillows with fabric from a thrift store. The orange pillows are pillow covers from Amazon.

This white pillow is from HomeGoods.

On the end of the bed, I placed a beautiful light and airy sheer fabric from the thrift store that I bought years ago.

I used that green fabric to reupholster my bed bench. It’s a beautiful pop of color. It picks up the color of the pillows and plants to give the room that eclectic Afro-boho spa feel.

9. Walls

I painted the walls a caramel-rusted brown.

10. Hat rack and mirror

This wall was sort of lackluster. I hadn’t paid much attention to this area of the room because I was busy. But now it’s done. I have two vintage Ebony magazine covers that I framed–one is Julian Bond (civil rights activist) from a 1969 cover.  The other framed Ebony cover from 1977 is celebrating Black women.

I love hats so I have my collection here on hooks. All of these hats are thrifted. I also have thrifted vintage pocketbooks hanging here, too. This is a thrifted vintage mirror I bought for $15, and then added silver hooks.

I added baskets and two small mirrors above the mirror to balance out the wall.

11. Bedside table number 2

There’s a charging station on the other bedside table.

12. Bookcase

I love, love, love books. The orange box gives the wood bookcase a pop of color. The lamp on top has this beautiful texture. I have other gifted items on top there, too.

I thrifted the painting for $10! People ask me if I painted it myself, but nope!

13. My closet

This is a custom-designed closet that’s tricked out because before, there was no way I could get as much in here as I have in there now. Everything is ultra-organized and functional.

14. Rug

This floor is covered in a thrifted diamond pattern chenille flatweave rug originally from Crate & Barrel but I got it for $80. I love how the green bench and rust rug go so beautifully together.

Afro-boho bedroom

Thanks for touring my Afro-boho bedroom. Layering patterns, textures, and colors–it’s what Afro-boho chic is all about. Let me know in the comments your favorite piece in the room.

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