How to Decorate an Afro-Boho Bedroom: Styling & Design Tips

Whether you decide to DIY or hire professional help, you can make any space a destination you'll love. Today, I'm giving you tips for styling an afro-boho bedroom. The afro-boho design style uses either colorful bohemian or neutral bohemian accents.

Colorful bohemian is bold, lush color, while neutral bohemian is cool tones that give you a serene, sanctuary vibe. No matter which option you choose, you’re sure to love the results of your afro-bohemian makeover.

Afro-boho design style

What is afro bohemian?

I really enjoy creating spaces using the afro-boho design style because of its five main characteristics.

1. An appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, and individuality.

Afro-boho style furnishings

2. Honoring one's heritage and legacy.

Afro-boho living room with bold, vibrant colors

3. The use of bold, vibrant colors, along with carefully curated neutrals for balance.

Combining eclectic, complementary pieces

4. The harmony created from combining eclectic, complementary pieces.

Modern, ethnic, and classic vintage furnishings and decor

5. Blending modern, ethnic, and classic vintage furnishings and decor.

There are many elements to the afro-boho design style, but you will find these five characteristics in any afro-boho-designed room.

Afro-bohemian styling tips

Now let's jump into some styling tips. Use these to create the boho maximalist bedroom of your dreams.

Platform bed


Beds can go in many directions. Currently, platform beds are really, really popular.

Bed with a headboard

My main tip is that you want to have a headboard. No headboardless beds. The headboard frames the bed and really sets the stage for it to be a focal point.

Bed with a fabric headboard

Whether you use pleather, wood, or a fabric-covered headboard, you always need a headboard.

Side table next to the bed

Dressers and side tables

After the bed, you need dressers and side tables. Thrifted items are a great choice for the afro-boho design style because they help you save money while giving the space character.

Moroccan-inspired bamboo dresser

This Moroccan-inspired bamboo dresser was a fantastic find. It would go perfectly in any afro-boho bedroom.

Leather mid-century modern dresser

You can also go funky and classic with an afro-boho design. This leather mid-century modern dresser would be the wow factor in any room.

Glass-topped side table

And so would this glass-topped side table.

Painted furniture

And don't forget about paint. You can paint a thrifted or vintage piece and give it a whole new life.

My favorite paint product? Valspar's cabinet and furniture oil-enriched enamel paint. You can refresh your furniture and your afro-boho look in a single weekend.

Afro-boho design style bedroom


The beauty of the afro-boho design style is it can accommodate a wide variety of floor coverings, so rugs can easily be used as afro-bohemian decor.

Flatweave rug

I picked up this Crate and Barrel flatweave rug for just a hundred bucks, and you can always do rug on rug.

Leather chevron flatweave area rug

This leather chevron flatweave area rug adds a pop to this wall-to-wall carpeting.

Bench at the end of the bed


One of the most popular ways to add seating as an afro-boho decor piece is with a bench at the end of your bed.

Crisscross bench

If you don't have a lot of space, try a smaller crisscross bench.

Accent chair

You can always go with a classic accent chair in a variety of materials and patterns as well.

Vintage bamboo chair

I paid $5 for this classic vintage bamboo chair, took it home, got busy, and recovered it with a remnant of mudcloth.

Painted walls in a bedroom


Painting your walls is the quickest, cheapest way to transform a room but, for the afro-boho style, I suggest you go with wallpaper. More specifically, grasscloth wallpaper.

Textured grasscloth wallpaper

Grasscloth has a divine texture and brings a natural element into the room. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

DIY grasscloth wallpaper

If you're going to DIY your grasscloth wallpaper, I suggest you do your research so you get it done right. But if DIY isn't your thing, go ahead and hire a professional.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper

Grasscloth isn't the only wallpaper I recommend. You can't beat peel-and-stick wallpaper for the cost and the wow factor.

Faux brick wallpaper

If you love that brick look but don't have a brick to be found in your home, go ahead and use this faux brick wallpaper from Amazon. It’s easy to install in a single day.

Accent wall wallpaper

There are so many wonderful wallpaper options to create an accent wall or maybe even do an entire room in wallpaper.

Vintage pineapple wallpaper

This vintage pineapple wallpaper could work wonderfully in a neutral tone afro-boho design style bedroom.

Welcoming bedding and pillows


What's a bedroom without the softest, comfiest, most welcoming bedding and pillows? I know, people either love lots of pillows or they hate them.

Afro-boho pillows and bedding

I think of pillows and bedding as the jewelry you would wear with a great outfit.

Moroccan-inspired mirror

Decor and lighting

I thrifted this $10 Moroccan-inspired mirror, gave it a custom paint job, and voila, dope artwork.

Ginger pot lamp

The ginger pot lamp is a wonderful lamp base for the afro-boho design style. You can get them in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Here I chose this yummy shade of spicy orange.

Adding personality with plants

Decor is where you really give your room personality and bring life into the space with plants.

Wall art and rattan

Remember to use wall art and rattan pieces, which look wonderful in the afro-boho design rooms.

Woven baskets for texture

Using flat woven baskets and hanging them on the wall gives the room texture and movement.

Afro-boho bedroom

I want you to think of using decor as your opportunity to fill your room with things you absolutely love.

Afro-boho bedrooms

What are you taking from this video that you're going to add to your afro-boho bedroom? Let me know in the comment section below.

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