How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Decorating a small room isn’t an easy process for many people. So today, I'm going to show you how to make small rooms look bigger with the help of a few key strategies that I implement whenever I stage a listing.

Come inside this recently listed home with me while I share my top small room decor ideas that can make your own home feel cozy and inviting.

Front entrance before

Front entrance

The front entrance does not have enough room for multiple people to move around in it at one time. There are simply too many doors in this area.

Painting the space white and adding a mirror

To make it look bigger, we had it painted white and also added a mirror.

Main floor bedroom before

Main floor bedroom

When I came to see the property, there was a bed underneath the windowsill in this main floor bedroom.

How to make a room feel less crowded

I didn't like the placement there because it was off-balance with the windows and the queen-size mattress made the room feel crowded.

Bed with two nightstands either side

To fix this issue, we brought in a full-size bed, were able to fit two nightstands on either side of it, and placed all of the furniture on another wall. Now the room feels a lot bigger.

Adding a desk in the corner of the room

We were also able to add another function to this space with the addition of a desk in the corner of the room.

Mirrored closet doors

But what really helped make this room feel a lot bigger were the mirrored closet doors. So whenever you have the chance to add mirrored closet doors, it's going to make your room look a lot bigger.

Adding mirrors behind the headboard

We also added these two small mirrors behind the headboard to make the room feel that much bigger.

Main floor bathroom

Main floor bathroom

We don't have a problem with the size of this main-floor bathroom. It's a really great size actually, but it's a little bit outdated.

Bathroom before

As you can see, the vanity light and the bathroom cabinet finish need to be updated.

Bathroom after

So we brought this bathroom up to date by styling it and changing what your eyes focus on when you walk into the room.

Dining space

Dining room

I love this dining area. It's actually quite spacious. As you can see here, these walls define the area of the space and keep me within these limits.

Defining the space using walls

This wall stops right here, so now it confines the space I need to update to just this area.

Round glass dining table

We brought in a round glass dining table to create more flow.

Living room before

Living room

The living room space was big already but one of the walls was green.

Living room after

I had them paint the living room all one color, so it makes the canvas feel a lot bigger.

Living room after

And because the floors were dark, bringing in lighter furniture made the space feel bigger automatically.

Low furniture

One tip I have is if you have a windowsill right here, you want to bring in furniture that is not too tall, so lower profile furniture pieces make the ceiling feel taller and the space bigger.

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is quite tiny, and the only place to put your bed would be on this wall.

Ceiling fan

Having a ceiling fan like this makes a room feel a lot smaller because it's a bigger piece and it comes down too low.

Bedroom after

So for us to make the room feel a lot bigger than it really is, we brought in a queen-sized bed and two nightstands and kept the aesthetics very modern and simple.

Bedroom after

Because the room looked a lot more spacious after that, we were able to add in an accent chair.

Master bathroom before

Master bathroom

The master bathroom is not that big either, but it was helpful to have a mirror and two mirrored medicine cabinets to illuminate the space.

Bathroom after

Now, as you can see here, this bathroom also is a little bit outdated with the two vanity lights and the bathroom cabinet having this older finish. So we brought in updated accessories to bring it up to today's trends.

Twin bedroom

Twin bedroom

Welcome to the tiniest bedroom in the house. As you can see here, we were able to get a twin-size bed in here and still make it feel spacious.

Room before the makeover

Originally, we were either going to stage it as a nursery, as an office, or as a twin bedroom. I measured everything out to make sure that what we brought in would be to scale with the room and to help the room look a lot bigger.

Twin bedroom after

In the end, I decided to stage it as a twin bedroom because that made the most sense in this area of the home.

Office after


Here is the other tiny bedroom in the home. We faced several challenges in this space. One was the actual square footage and two was the placement of the window.


The window cuts off the wall, so we placed a daybed here and we were still able to fit in a desk, creating multiple purposes for the space.

Mirror in the closet door

And I love the fact that the closet door has a mirror helping to reflect more light.

Mirror above the desk

Another item we brought in to make the room look bigger was the mirror above the desk.

Small chair and slim desk

This desk is standard size, but it's slim-looking. The chair doesn't have a tall back so it looks very clean and minimal, and it makes the room look a lot bigger.

Bathroom before

Guest bathroom

This guest bathroom has the same look with the outdated vanity lights and the bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom after

We brought it up to trend with newer accessories.

Balcony before the makeover


This balcony is not that big to begin with.

Small room ideas

We were able to make it look a lot wider and more usable by adding this patio set.

Small room ideas

These tips will help you discover how to make small rooms look bigger and maximize any small space in your home with just a few simple changes.

I hope you enjoyed all of the small room ideas I’ve shared with you today. Please let me know how you plan to update your small spaces in the comments section.

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  • Gloria Gloria on Dec 25, 2023
    What a shame builders don't give enough thought to how windows look from the inside. They seem to be more concerned with "balancing" the exterior appearance. Yes, mirrors multiply the light. However, having too many or wrongly-placed mirrors in a bedroom goes against the principles of feng shui. Although that system may sound silly to some people, it does work for creating serenity and a feeling of being grounded. That entryway is not a space that says, "Welcome to our home." Perhaps if the entry door was all glass it would have more importance. The way it is, all the other doors are "equal" to it, creating confusion and discomfort. Which door leads where? What or who is behind it? It's not a sin to paint wooden cabinetry. Easy fix, and the wood is still there if some future homeowner wants to stain it. The fins of a ceiling fan can be painted white to render it less obtrusive. I hope the closets are generously sized, as you didn't include any other places for the inhabitants to put their clothing! Not a single chest of drawers in any of the bedrooms? Really?? Where would children put their toys / display or store their hobbies? It's easy to make a room look more spacious if you don't put much furniture in it, but that's not very practical. All things considered, you did well with this awful dwelling.
    • Oct71321491 Oct71321491 on Jan 16, 2024
      The day bed could have drawers or bunk bed with desk, etc., underneath will give enough room for a chest of drawers or even a corner cabinet with some open shelving above for displaying whatever a young occupant may wish to look at. A top bunk bed may just be the answer, after the room was a nursery. Just a thought!
  • Janie March Janie March on Jan 26, 2024
    Looks very nice but not practical if you have children with toys. The nursery doesn’t have any place to change a baby. Where do you put clothes without a dresser?