7 Small Bedroom Design Ideas to Create More Space

Are you looking for small bedroom design ideas? I’ll share seven tips for decorating a small bedroom. Decorating in a small space can be super challenging—there are many ways to get this wrong.

So, I promise you, you’ll find these small bedroom ideas and tips extremely helpful. So, get ready for some great ideas!

Small bedroom
Size of a be in a small bedroom
Ensuring enough space enough the bed

1. Choose a functional bed

The goal of designing a small bedroom is to make it functional and efficient. So let’s start with the bed. It’s the foundation for everything else we do.

Ideally, you want at least 2 to 3 feet of walking space around the bed. This will help you decide if you should keep your king-sized bed or downsize.

Under-bed storage
Hidden storage in a bed
Platform bed in a small bedroom
Once you decide on the size of the bed, add more function to it with storage beneath the mattress. Storage can be built into the base of a platform bed or hidden storage compartments under the mattress.

Platform beds sit lower in the room which is great for small spaces.

Hanging headboard

2. Hang a headboard

Do you really need a headboard or would you prefer a few more inches of space around the bed? Here are a few tricks:

Hanging headboard
Hang the headboard. You don’t need a headboard more than 2 inches thick in a small bedroom. You don’t need the bed to push out any farther than it needs to in a small room. Hang the headboard above the mattress and push the bed up against the wall. This saves precious floor space.

Large artwork instead of a headboard
Using artwork instead of a headboard

Better yet, forgo the headboard altogether. Consider using artwork above the bed for the appearance of the headboard.

Fabric panel behind the bed as a headboard

Use beautiful wallpaper or fabric panels behind the bed that act like an oversized headboard.

Small bedroom decorating ideas
Light colors making a space feel bigger

3. Go light and bright

White or light colors will make your small space feel open. These lighter colors reflect light more and there will be a sense that the space is bigger than it is.

Light and bright small bedroom
With a monochromatic color scheme, you’ll have fewer contrasting colors visually breaking up the space. Add in pops of color, texture, and greenery for a serene feeling.

Small, multifunctional nightstand

4. Use a small, multifunctional nightstand

Avoid the small leggy nightstand next to a bed. Even if it’s small, choose a nightstand with storage.

Small dresser-style nightstand
Small dresser as a nightstand

If you have 3 feet next to your bed, use a small 3-foot dresser as a nightstand.

Small desk and chair

Or, add a small desk and chair.

Lighting ideas for a small bedroom
Lighting in a small bedroom
Sconces over nightstands
Boho hanging pendants
Green hanging pendants

5. Ditch the lamp

You don’t always have to place the lamp on the nightstand. Consider wall sconces or hanging pendants above the nightstand to free up space.

Storage in a small bedroom
Small bedroom with shelving
Built-in storage

6. Go vertical with built-in storage

In a small space, any time you can draw the eye up, you will succeed in making the space feel bigger. That’s because you aren’t limiting storage to eye level only. The higher the better.

Floor-to-ceiling storage
Floor-to-ceiling open shelving
Or build floor-to-ceiling open shelving. You have the illusion of more space with the added benefit of more storage.

Using mirrors to create the illusion of space

7. Use mirrors

Mirrors that create illusions are your friend in a small bedroom. Mirrors trick the eye into thinking the space has more depth and volume than it actually does. Mirrors also reflect light in your room and that brightens up a space.

Mirror behind a bed example 1
Mirror behind a bed example 2
Use mirrors behind the bed…

Mirrors above nightstands

…Or above the nightstands.

Large framed mirror

Or use a tall floor mirror to increase the drama in the space.

Small bedroom design style
Small bedroom interior design
Small bedroom idea
Small bedroom designs
Small bedroom design ideas

Small bedroom design ideas

What do you think of these small bedroom design ideas? Leave me a comment! Also, let me know if you have small bedroom decorating ideas to share with us.

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  • Chr86747653 Chr86747653 on Mar 27, 2024
    I made my small bedroom into a day room and were thrilled with the results.
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  • Ger69483387 Ger69483387 on Apr 16, 2024
    I agree! Most of these bedrooms are quite big, they aren't like the bedrooms most people have in their home!