Masculine Bedroom Ideas: How to Create a Space With a Masculine Feel

I'm going to share masculine bedroom ideas with you today. The bedroom we recently designed had a more masculine look. We took a theme and ran with it. It all started with this beautiful Ralph Lauren Crocodile wallpaper behind me.


I brought in that panel detail, and I went for it here. We have a chair rail, lower panels, and upper panels. Because this wallpaper was costly, I only incorporated it into the areas where I thought it would make a design statement. As you can see, this panel does not have the wallpaper behind me. It's strictly on the feature wall and in several other feature areas. That helped bring our costs down.


The other thing we did here was establish our bed size, and I designed this Out of Africa-looking bed. It gave us the size for our nightstands. These were of incredible quality, but I didn't want the walnut finish in this room. I had my furniture refinisher paint them in the same gray as the walls, completely transforming the look of these little nightstands.


We started with a Ralph Lauren fabric, which was not inexpensive, but we only needed minimum yardage to get a pillow out of it. Then, I found this incredible leather fabric and added it to an inexpensive faux linen for the duvet. I also incorporated that into these beautiful window treatments. So again, this is one fabric, and these were strips cut out of another fabric, and we created this incredible design.


You'll see here we've kept our trim white. I didn't want the white drawing the eye down but rather taking the eye up. Here, we've got incredible coffer ceilings. I've taken that dark grey up to the ceiling, and instead of only one big box panel around it, I've done three, and then again, we found this fantastic chandelier in keeping with our theme.


Next, we had fun with our accessories.

We hung up these deer and antelope, bringing that strong, masculine, serious vibe and giving it a little more fun.

We retook it right into our furniture choices.

This fabulous piece looks like luggage with leather handles.

You'll see when we get to the closet I brought that same leather detail into the handles of the closet. So we, again, those repeating details that I keep talking about.

Wall units

We used a wall unit in the same color as the wall. These were custom-designed and custom colored. We kept it shorter, bringing the cost down because we had one cabinet maker make three different units, but rather than three different designs and starting from scratch, we just made these small changes, which helped us bring the cost down.

Desk area

Here we have again that wallpaper that we saw at the Ralph Lauren Croc. This was one of my feature areas. Inexpensive art on top, this little seating area again with the rough-hewn wood supporting our theme.


Our doors are trimmed with this fabulous trim and backbend, which alone would have been enough to use this door. But I want to go a step further because this was a doorway that leads to another area and another doorway. I wanted to give it some highlights and some strength. So this is a trick that I like to do. I brought a panel detail that protrudes from the wall rather than what we see here.

This one is done with MDF and panel and goes up the ceiling. Now my crown goes around that, and you can see what that does is on top of the fact that it's giving this doorway importance compared to the door that leads out of the room; it gives the crown molding those beautiful cuts and brings some dimension into the room.

From that viewpoint, you'll see that I repeated that on the door to the bathroom. These sight lines are about repeating design details throughout the house for consistency and flow. So this is where, from this point, your vantage point, you get this beautiful detail of seeing one doorway followed by another beautifully trimmed-out crown molding that goes right around it.


So, in the closet, to keep costs down, we went with an inexpensive walnut laminate product. We went with the walnut because, again, we're picking up some of the furniture pieces in the bedroom, but you can also see the beautiful walnut vanity we designed behind me.

So I'm trying to keep this room flowing all as one, even though it's three separate rooms. You can see the beautiful handle detail in leather, and again, I took my inspiration from one of the pieces in the bedroom to bring it in here and give it that masculine feel.

You can see we've kept the theme on this wall behind me. I found these little antler hooks, and we thought it was a great place to bring in, as this is a masculine room, a boys' room, to incorporate their hat collection. One of the things I want to point out is when I'm running crown molding around the room, and I have a built-in, I typically like to keep that crown molding the same so they butt up to each other.

In this case, we chose our crown molding from our cabinet maker, and then we had him supply us with the rest of it to go around the room. The crown molding that sits on top of the built-ins becomes the same material and or color, but where it meets drywall, the rest of the room, I paint that out the same as the trim, wall, or ceiling, depending on what I'm doing in that particular instance. So it does change the crown molding as it hits built-ins versus it on the wall.

Masculine bedroom ideas

I've given you masculine bedroom ideas to get you thinking about what you want to see in your space. I hope you've learned some design tricks I use when designing rooms. I'd love to hear your thoughts; let me know what you think of this room in the comments below.

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