3 Luxury Bedroom Ideas: Masculine, Feminine & Gender-Neutral

Today we're going to go through three bedrooms. We've got a masculine bedroom, a feminine bedroom, and then a gender-neutral bedroom, which can really be used as a guest room for both men and women.

As we tour each of them, we'll talk a little bit about the luxury bedroom ideas that I took into account when designing each of these rooms.

1. Bed size

The first consideration is what size bed you want to use in your room. In this particular room, I went with a queen size, even though the room could have supported a king. If you're using a king-size bed, the mattress alone is 78 inches, which means by the time you put a headboard in, you're going to need anywhere from 80 to 84 inches of space.

With a queen-size bed, you are looking at 60 inches for the mattress alone and between 62 and 66 inches if you include a headboard. Remember, you want to leave a minimum of 3 feet on either side of the bed.

2. Furniture plan

When we're building a room from scratch, a furniture plan is important because we want to know where the electrical has to go before the room is finished. If there are table lamps or sconces in the plans, that will give you a good indication of where those lights have to be placed on either side of the bed.

3. Color drenching

This room was originally designed for a teenage boy who has since left the house. I kept the navy blue bed per the homeowner’s wishes, and you're going to see that I've actually taken that blue up to the ceiling.

4. Layered ceiling

Ceilings really are the fifth wall, so I've also put some of the same trim molding that you see on the walls up on the ceiling as well. I went with a very loose pattern for the trim molding, just enough to bring in some detail but without it making a statement. We've done the same thing on the ceiling with layers of crown molding.

Our first layer, which is closest to the floor, has a coffer light behind it. Then, you'll see that I took another large crown molding, and I wrapped that so that it comes onto the ceiling. And then, I've added my trim detail, an important feature in this room.

5. Artwork

Artwork is so important. I really do believe that the homeowner has to love it, and each piece will change the look of the room.

This gilded seaweed lightened up the look of the room compared to when the old framed albums were on the wall.

6. Custom bedding

The bedding in this room is quite simple. We always do a large sham at the back, smaller cushions, and then we always do a bolster of some type on our beds. I love to do custom bedding. Here it's mixed with crisp white sheets for a light look, but I love to bring the design details into the room with fabrics.

7. Storage pieces

The nightstand behind me is fairly masculine seeing that it's this rich walnut color, and we custom made these ottomans to fill in the space underneath the table.

I've also lightened the accessories to make them a little bit more feminine and added a window bench. Here we've incorporated storage and used a very luxe fabric and inexpensive pillows.

8. Built-in storage

I'm a huge proponent of built-in furniture. When you have the right built-ins, you don't really need other furniture in the room. For this built-in, I knew that I wanted storage, and we knew that the homeowner wanted TVs in every room.

Once I had the specs for the TV, we designed the unit around it.

Again, this piece was designed for three different rooms, so what we did to change up the look of it was that each room got their own color, their own leg detail, and their own hardware.

9. Lighting

Lighting changes the impact of a room, and you want to light in layers. You want to have ceiling lights, pot lights, a hanging fixture to bring in a decorative element, and task lighting.

By layering the room you get functional lighting but also that glow that you see in movies and from the outside.

10. Seating

This is a fairly large room so we added a small sofa in front of the bed for watching TV and video gaming as well as throwing bags or clothes there for guests. To save money, we did go with an inexpensive vinyl.

11. Desk

Because it is a guest room, we wound up bringing in a desk for visitors to work or do their makeup here. It also makes a great place to sit and write a note.

12. Doors

Now, I want to point out the door behind me. In this house, we've gone with a dark door, but a trick that I do is I don't take that darker color to the inside.

I leave the door on the inside the same color as the trim because it wouldn't relate to anything in the room.

13. Ensuite bathroom

You can see that I committed to the blue color in the ensuite bathroom too.

I found this beautiful blue and white tile, and then I surrounded that with a more neutral marble.

You can see that I took the more neutral color into the shower as well, but I brought in a couple of glass pencil tiles to bring in the blue from the floor. I used the blue again in the vanity.

Luxury bedroom ideas

Luxury bedroom ideas

Creating a luxury bedroom is a great way to upgrade your home. With the right architectural features, some high-quality linens, and a few pieces of luxury furniture, you can transform a dull space in no time.

What are some must-haves you always include in your most opulent spaces? Share what you learned about designing luxury bedrooms down below.

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