10 Best Pieces of Furniture for a Small Home

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by Casa Chaps

If you are looking for great furniture for a small home, keep reading. I have 10 small home furniture ideas that I love for space-saving and multifunctional uses. I will also be giving you tips on how to best use tiny home furniture in your home. Let’s get started.

Murphy bed
Hidden Murphy bed
Murphy bed folded down
Folding up a Murphy bed

1. Murphy bed

Beds take up a lot of space. A Murphy bed is a great option for a one-bedroom apartment or if you need to furnish a small bedroom. What is a Murphy bed? It’s a bed you can collapse or store away when it’s not in use. Usually, when it’s closed, it looks like a wardrobe. No one can tell the difference.

You can make it look really nice by adding some wall sconces. The advantage is all the space it creates in a room when it’s closed and you can use the room for anything else, even an office. A great idea is to put wheels on the desk to wheel it away when you need the bed. Just be warned that Murphy beds can be expensive.

Glass desk
Rectangular glass table
Round glass table

2. Glass table

Whether it’s a dining table or coffee table, a glass table allows light to pass through. It doesn’t feel heavy or have visual weight. What do I mean by visual weight? Well, think of two chairs–one dark and one light. The darker one looks and “feels” heavier to the eye.

In a small space, you want to avoid visually heavy items that consume the space. A glass table does not feel imposing in a room. If you don’t want glass, look into plexiglass furniture. It has the same effect in a room.

Upholstered coffee table closed
Upholstered coffee table open

3. Upholstered coffee table

If glass is not for you, consider an upholstered coffee table because it is multifunctional as a table, a storage piece, and extra seating. Of course, an upholstered coffee table has more visual weight than a glass table but it performs many jobs. It’s also a safer choice if you have children.

Daybed with lots of throw cushions
Daybed by a window
Cozy daybed
Daybed with cushions

4. Daybed or storage bed

I have a daybed in my office because we use the space as a guest room, too. In the daytime, it looks like a sofa for seating. Look for a style with nice arms that looks like a sofa. There are also beds that have storage underneath them when they are lifted up. It’s a great storage space for seasonal clothing, for example.

Pull-down rack for dishes
Pull-down rack for clothes
Pull-down rack

5. Pull-down racks

These are great in bathrooms. I like pull-down hanging racks in laundry rooms, too. This is also a good idea in a kitchen with a cabinet that is so high up you can’t easily access it. Instead, add in a pull down rack so you can access items.

Table on wheels
Bed on wheels
Bar cart on wheels

6. Furniture on wheels

You can put wheels on a desk, chair, bar cart, or anything so you can wheel it away when you don’t need it or wheel it out when you do. Get creative–you can even put your bed on wheels!

For example, I have a bar cart on wheels with different kitchen items that I store under a kitchen counter when it’s not in use. But if I host a party, I pull it out for that purpose. It’s easy to add casters to items and there are plenty of tutorials online on how to do it.

Extendable dining table

7. Extendable table

I have an extendable dining table and I love it! We don’t have a huge table wasting space unless we have guests. There are different types of extendable tables, such as removable leaves, foldable tables, or drop-down sides, for example.

Compact furniture set example 1
Compact furniture set example 2

8. Compact furniture set

A compact furniture set is a table under which you can fit the chairs or stools and it looks like one unit when it’s closed up. This type of table also cuts down on clutter.

Foldable chairs example 1
Foldable chairs example 2
Foldable chairs example 3

9. Foldable chairs

There are really nice and stylish wooden or plastic options available. Add a cushion on the seat for more comfort. Add hooks on a wall where you can store them when they are not in use. They are very lightweight and practical to move around and use.

Loft bed with stairs
Cute loft bed
Loft bed for a small space

10. Loft beds

The bed is on top and there’s plenty of storage or room for other furniture underneath the bed. It can be a play area, a small office, or a sitting area. Built-in options look best but there are other models of loft beds for rentals. It’s a great idea for a kid’s room.

Furniture for a small home

I hope I inspired you with this list of small furniture for tiny homes. I use so many of these ideas myself in our small apartment. Some of the pieces may not be heirloom quality, like foldable chairs or compact table and chair sets, but they do the job beautifully.

Let me know if you have solved a problem by using furniture for your small home or apartment.

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