What To Put Under a Cloche

Brooke Johnson
by Brooke Johnson

Have you heard people talk about decorating with cloches? Maybe you were wondering what they were talking about? Maybe you were at a loss for what to put under a cloche? Let me help!

You can literally put anything and everything under a glass cloche! I pick items to put under the cloche based off of what I want to show off in my decor. A cloche just accentuates whatever is under it! It makes that piece a feature in your decor!

History of a Cloche

While a cloche was originally for protecting plants during the winter and to protect your food from bugs, now they are commonly used for decor!

What to put under your Cloche

So, what should you display under a cloche?

  • Collections
  • Multiples of something
  • Small items
  • Plants
  • Ephemera
  • Seasonal Vignette
  • Food

Decorating Ideas for Under a Cloche


Do you collect anything? Accentuate your collection under a glass cloche! Cloches come in all widths and heights. Some are shaped like a bell while others are domed. Pick your personal favorite or coordinate your cloche to go with what you put under it!


How did I get all of those spools in there? Well, you will need to turn your cloche upside down. THEN fill it! Using your cloche like a bowl allows you to get the most pieces inside. You can max it out with your smaller items or leave a little room for some empty space. It’s up to you! Then, you put your base on the cloche like a lid. Apply pressure to the base so it stays tight to the cloche and flip, or rotate, the cloche and base, so that the base ends up on the bottom!

You know your Christmas bulbs that you aren’t sure what to do with? Do this! Just don’t let anyone lift the cloche or you might have a mess on your hands!

To replace what you have under your cloche, reverse the process. Slide your hand under the base while the other hand applies pressure to the top of the cloche. Then, flip it so the base becomes the lid and the cloche becomes a bowl. Easy peasy!

Small Items



Seasonal Vignette


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Decorating with Cloches

Styling under your cloche…

So you’ve got an idea of what to put under your glass cloche, but now what. Well, first you’ll want to make sure that your item fits. It has to fit the diameter AND the height of your cloche. Normally you don’t want something to go all the way to the top of the cloche. Definitely don’t want something smashed or curling over.

Cloches are often shaped like a bell, so while the bottom diameter might make it seem like the item will fit, the cloche gets skinnier for a bit the higher up you go, so take that into consideration as you pick your item.

Now you know what you want to put under the glass cloche and you know that it will fit.

Next up you want to think about layering. If you have something small under a larger cloche, you may want to place your item on top of a stack of plates or books to make the item feel more substantial.

I also like to use layering to create a color contrast. Are you placing a dark wood item under the cloche and setting it on a cabinet of dark wood? If so, adding a plate, platter, bowl, mirror, book, riser, etc. might help the piece under the cloche pop versus blend in with what it is sitting on.

General rules when you create a vignette for under the cloche is to vary the height if there are multiple items. It also helps visually to vary colors and textures.

When you place your cloche into your decor, consider height, colors and textures as well. There should be some repetition in the colors and textures used in the space to tie everything together. There should also be variance in height, so that all of your pieces, including the cloche are at different heights.

It is ok to display multiple cloches together, but remember the rule of odds. An odd number grouping, like 3 cloches together, is the most eye pleasing.

Selecting a Base

Look around the house! Chances are you can use something that you have. A cloche can sit on top of the base with the base peeking out around the cloche. Or, the cloche can entirely surround the base and what you put under it!

So, what might you have laying around the house that you can use as a base?

  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Compote
  • Architectural Salvage
  • Bread Board
  • Lazy Susan
  • Terra Cotta Drip Pan
  • Cake Stand
  • Record
  • Mirror
  • Lamp Base

Where to find a Cloche


Thrifting is a good place too, but you have to think outside of the box. Look for THESE which are always super cheap at the thrift store. I also look for THESE because you can flip them over to repurpose as a cloche!

Anthropology has some good sizes and styles.

Walmart has good ones that are reasonably priced.

Wayfair is a good source too!

Want to Make Your Own Cloche?

Check out this post!

Old Stuff & Cool Junk

Be sure to shop The Junk Parlor to find some unique pieces to place under your new cloche!

Vintage matte vase sitting undeneath a cloche

More Vintage Decor Ideas

Check out where I have displayed cloches in my new house along with a lot of my vintage pieces!

HERE are some decorating ideas from my old house!

Hello Iowa

I was lucky enough to get to share other ideas for decorating under a cloche on Channel 13’s Hello Iowa.

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