8 Creative Design Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

Are you looking for some decorating ideas for small spaces? Small spaces can be very confining and it limits what you can do. I can help you make your small living room look bigger with a few space management tips.

I love to share great small decorating ideas and tips on how I solved interior problems I came across. When designing a small apartment, every item, piece, or accessory must be functional as well as decorative.

Check out these smart ideas to learn how to decorate your small space and make it appear bigger.

White walls and neutral decor
Light pink and grays

1. Brightly colored walls

A navy blue wall is too solid and will make a room appear smaller than it is. Light bounces off on brighter colors but darker colors absorb light.

White is an easy neutral color and it works perfectly in creating an illusion of more space. Other colors that fall into the neutral category are off-white, light pink, light gray, baby blue, and more.

Bedroom with good natural lighting

2. Good lighting

Good and proper lighting does not leave any corner dark. Good lighting highlights every angle and spreading the light is essential. Never depend on a single source of light. Use lamps and other forms of lighting to brighten up a space.

You need white light and not warm light or ambient light, which are really used for mood settings or to cozy up your room. Your primary source of lighting should be natural light or white light.

Floating TV
TV on a small console table

3. Make use of vertical spaces

This is the best time to use a hanging TV console. Most TV consoles are bulky, they sit on the floor, and take up a lot of space. If you have a big one, get rid of it and get a smaller console or a hanging (floating) console.

It’s important to use vertical spaces because then you play with spaces above the head. So, you can have a bookshelf or rack right above your head.

Low- vs high-legged furniture

4. Use high-legged furniture

Use furniture with high legs or exposed legs to keep your furniture off the ground. If your sofa or bed is higher off the floor, it creates an illusion of more space underneath the furniture.

If possible, make your furniture blend with your wall color that way neither element is trying to command attention and the room looks balanced and harmonious. Use more contemporary furniture that is more steel, glass, or gold. Avoid heavy wooden pieces in small rooms.

Hanging neutral-colored curtains high for a cozy vibe

5. Window treatments

Window blinds have a way of making an apartment look spacious because it has a minimalist look. But for a living room, I recommend curtains because it’s cozy.

When using curtains, hang them as high as possible to create the illusion of more height. Watch the colors, and use colors that do not contrast.

For example, don’t use red curtains on gray walls or anything that loud. Go for neutral colors for window coverings that blend with the walls.

Decluttering clothes

6. Declutter

Whenever a room starts to feel too small, it’s time to declutter. After taking out the clutter, rearranging, painting the walls white, and adding more white light, a room can feel so much more spacious.

7. Avoid lots of decoration

Avoid too much decor, especially on the walls. Use a single large piece instead of multiple small pieces.

Large mirror in a workspace

8. Use mirrors

I can’t say this enough but aside from their functionality, mirrors are something to help reflect the entire space to make a room feel larger. Large mirrors look like they visually double the space.

No one will be able to tell the actual size of the space. For this tip to be effective, you need a big, life-size mirror.

Decorating small spaces

Now, use that magic in your small space and watch it grow. Use these small space decorating ideas in your larger living spaces, too. Let me know in the comments if you have a trick or two that’s worked for you in your small space.

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