Small Living Room Design: How to Decorate With Limited Space

If you’re struggling with a narrow and small living room, keep reading. My client has a den that’s right off the entry and she would like to use it as a cozy TV and lounge room.

I came up with a living room design to accommodate her needs. Here’s how I did it:

Entrances must not be blocked
TV must be mounted on the back wall

The space limitations

We have two entries that we cannot block and the tv has to be on this far wall due to electrical.

Window view

Window view

We also have a very pretty view out this window.

Floor plan for the small living room

Floor plan

This is the floor plan that we landed on which allows for a full-size sofa and with only 8 feet across this is a huge bonus.

Mounted TV

TV mount

I put the TV on a full-motion mount so they don't have to break their necks to watch the screen.

Entrance 1
Entrance 2


Most importantly both entrances are accessible.

Muted blue wall and ceiling color
Cozy darker tones in a small living room

Cozy, darker tones

I added darker tones and textures to achieve that cozy vibe that she was after.

Adding a large plant to create privacy
How to separate spaces for privacy
Separating spaces with a tall plant


She also wanted to create some privacy between the hallway and this room, so we can do this by adding a tall plant to create that separation, or even building out a pony wall or an interior window shown in these examples.

Small and narrow living room design

Great small living room designs are possible. It takes some planning and measuring to ensure everything fits without looking crowded or cluttered.

Leave a comment to tell us if you have a small living room and how you were able to overcome the space limitations.

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  • Pat Pat on Mar 16, 2024
    Sorry, two chairs and a TV do not make 'cozy'. In my opinion, this is still an empty room.
  • Janet Janet on Mar 22, 2024
    Cold paint color. No lighting. No end table for the couch. No horizontal bookcase under the window. A chair that looks like it belongs in an office more than a den. What’s not to love, besides almost everything?