My Favorite Products From IKEA For Under $10

Posh Pennies
by Posh Pennies

The other day I went to IKEA and while I was there, I thought that I would share all of my favorite finds with you that are under $10. I actually own all of the products that I'm showcasing today, and I use them on a daily basis. Let’s see what my local store has in stock.

The first thing I want to pick up are a couple more of the bamboo-topped glass food storage containers. I've been wanting more of these for a long time because we use these literally every day at home.

They're made out of glass so they're perfect for warming up food directly in the microwave.

The bamboo lids are not dishwasher safe, but they are really easy to wash by hand, and they hold up super well over time. It's worth mentioning that the lids also seal extremely well.

When it comes to drinking glasses, I usually like to thrift mine because I like to find unique or vintage ones, but it's rare to find more than two or three matching thrifted drinking glasses.

We really needed an everyday set of matching glasses, so I picked up a pack of these ones because they're affordable and have a timeless rib design.

If they break, I won't be too upset since they were very inexpensive. They are also dishwasher safe, and they come in two sizes with a couple of other color options besides the clear.

IKEA has a great selection of really lovely placemats, and they're all under 10 bucks each.

I really love these particular ones, and I found out that they look a lot better in person than they do online.

IKEA doesn't have a huge selection of cotton napkins but the ones they do have, are all under $10.

I picked up these napkins in a four-pack. They're beige with a subtle red stripe, and they're perfect for everyday meals.

With a bit of festive greenery, you could also dress these up and use them for Christmas or Thanksgiving meals.

I've been buying these down fill throw pillows from IKEA for 15 years, and they are a great value for the money. They really keep their shape. They also offer three different sizes and shapes.

While you're in the pillow section, you should also check out their velvet cushion covers.

If you need a nice, cozy, solid-colored pillow cover to complement other patterns you may have in your space, then these are a great option. They're a really good price and great quality, and they carry a nice variety of colors with 10 different color options available in the US.

No trip to IKEA is complete without snagging some storage and organizing stuff. IKEA does a great job at making you think that if you buy their storage options, you'll basically become the most organized person on the planet.

I don't know about you, but I 100% believe them. First off, I got some more of these storage boxes. I already had a set of these, and I wanted some more. I really like using these in my socks and undergarment drawers.

Unlike hard plastic containers, these ones are flexible, so you can really stuff them if you need to and they'll adapt. They're lightweight and foldable, so you can store them away easily if you aren't using them.

I also love the lidded KUGGIS boxes.

They are so incredibly useful when it comes to storing random stuff in them, like extra cables and other miscellaneous office stuff that doesn't have a home.

That way everything stays out of sight and dust-free.

Other storage baskets that I love from IKEA that are a bit more decorative are these wire baskets. We have several of these scattered around the house.

For us, they've kind of become catch-all baskets for random stuff. IKEA switches up the colors periodically.

I also picked up a couple of these storage bags. These are great for under-bed storage.

These would be perfect to store our winter scarves and gloves, but you could use them to store anything that you don't need access to on a daily basis.

They're zippable and they keep your stuff dust-free. They also fold up really small and flat when they're not in use.

Another little hidden gem that I've had for years and use every single day is the IKEA shower squeegee.

This little tool is essential if you have a clear glass shower door. It's also great for cleaning bathroom mirrors.

Another brilliant find that is super worth it is this door hanger. This handy little accessory is perfect for creating extra storage out of what would otherwise be unused vertical space behind your door.

The best part is that there are no nails required as it just hangs over the top of your door.

It has a soft, spongy backing, which prevents any damage to your door as well.

My pot and pan drawer needs help. I've been hearing so many people swear by this pot lid organizer, so I decided to get it to see if it would change my life.

It’s adjustable so you can fit it into different size drawers, and it keeps all your lids neatly organized and in one place.

Lastly, I wanted to layer a woven mat onto our existing entry mat without spending a fortune, so I got one of these door mats that are made out of coir, which comes from coconuts. I like this doormat because it doesn't have any weird graphics or patterns. It just has a simple woven texture to it.

IKEA must-haves

Those are some of my favorite products at IKEA. I hope you discovered some top sellers and fun finds to add to your own shopping list.

If you have any favorites that I didn't show today, please leave me a comment below and let me know what they are because I would love to check them out for myself.

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