How to NOT Choose Paint Colors

Jenn Marsh
by Jenn Marsh
This is my story of how I ended up choosing the wrong paint colors for my house and am now trying to right that mistake. Learn from my errors!
New test colors in the kitchen.
When I chose the paint colors for the living room, kitchen, and the hall/entry, I thought I knew what I was doing. I carefully picked out samples, tested it on a few walls and had the painter get started. Almost two years later, I realize that I chose the wrong color! I can't repaint the living room/dining room due to the cost if hiring someone to do the high walls, but I can right my wrong in the kitchen and hallway.

What I don't like about the current colors:

1. Not enough contrast: The two colors (Behr Toffee Crunch in the Kitchen and Behr Brown Tepee in the Living Room/Hall) looked so different on paint chips and in the samples, but came out way too close in reality

2. Too dark: The walls before were a very light builder pink and very dirty from the two little boys that lived (and the bachelors before that). I went in the opposite direction with some darker, and landed too dark.

3. Gold: Both colors came out with WAY more gold undertones than I was expected, which is not what I going for.
Testing colors in the hallway
Here's what I learned along the way:

1. Take your time

2. Match paint samples

3. Test in multiple locations and lighting

4. Say something

5. Don't be afraid to repaint

More details on the blog and what colors I'm leanings towards to freshen up the kitchen and halls!
Current paint color in the kitchen
Jenn Marsh
Want more details about this and other design ideas? Check out my blog post!
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  • Amey Elias Amey Elias on Oct 13, 2023

    It’s great when WE learn. And that’s really a good thing. We all make wrong decisions. But learning equals great.

  • MISSMAC IN TX MISSMAC IN TX on May 21, 2024

    Yes. But large walls also flood the room with that color. Find the color you like…then opt for the LIGHTER VERSION to avoid this. Saturated colors on all walls have to have strong architectural details or contrast to balance the room.

    Most color combinations lately have been too minimalist or gray undertones. The new trend is warmth and color. LAYERS.