8 Ways to Create a Cozy Home, According to a Professional Stager

Interesting design isn't about using fancy furnishings. It's about the utility of space and how to make a home cozy. It’s all about how a home makes you feel. After all, the emotions a home evokes are what drive up the price.

Let us show you how that’s done through staging a home so you can take away some cozy home ideas and tips for your own spaces.

Research consistently shows that staged homes sell faster and for more money. An average buyer doesn't understand how their furniture will fit into the new space. They may not know which wall to hang a TV on, or if their L-shaped couch will look better than a traditional couch. We help tell a story in a home through staging but you can do the same in your home.

Accentuating the room’s focal point

1. Accentuate the room’s focal point

Here you can see that we have two lounge chairs positioned on either side of the fireplace, which is the focal point of the room. This arrangement not only accentuates the centerpiece of the room but the difference in height between the low lounge chairs and the tall ceilings makes the whole room look much bigger.

Adding windows treatments

2. Showcase the windows

Window dressings make a home feel cozy but they also accentuate the windows. Here’s a little trick when staging: to hide a seam when you hang curtains with grommets, loop the first grommet so you don’t see the back of the fabric. This way, you'll hide the seam and it never blocks the frame.

This is really only for staging so you can showcase the window. If you were living here, looping the curtain the other way so you can close the curtain.

How to make a yard feel cozy

3. Focus on the yard

This is an unusually spacious lot so we placed an outdoor sectional couch to bring the eye to this focal point. At the same time, the eye also goes directly to the rest of the yard.

Splurging on home accessories

4. Splurge on accessories

This home is 73 years old so there’s no fancy recess lighting that newer homes may have. Every room has additional light fixtures along with an overhead light. We also do karate chops on pillows to create the illusion of comfort. Most people don't realize that the creation of a fluffy and full-looking seating area with karate-chopped pillows creates coziness and comfort.

A clutter-free kitchen

5. Aim for clutter-free spaces

This two-bedroom home has 936 square feet of living space and yet it doesn't feel cramped. It feels very light and airy and we're still not missing any of life's essentials. There’s a normal queen-size bed in the master bedroom, a full-size dining table, and a humongous amount of storage in the kitchen with plenty of clean counter space.

Making spaces versatile

6. Create versatility

Proper staging elevates a home’s architecture from interesting to amazing. This room, for example, can be very versatile. There’s plenty of space but it can be a kid’s room, a hobby room, or an office.

Styling a front porch

7. Enhance the front porch

We've created beautiful spaces for practical living in this tiny, tiny house, including the often overlooked front porch. It’s the perfect spot for morning coffee.

Outdoor seating areas

8. Add more outdoor seating areas

We used the outdoor areas to give a buyer an idea of what could be done with the space. We put in three outdoor seating areas including a patio dining set. We created a sense of privacy in the backyard.

How to make your home feel cozy

Have you ever walked into a home you were looking at buying and you really liked it, but you didn't understand why? Home staging is why. It stirs up emotions because it tells a story in every room in the house.

We hope you were inspired by the way we maximized a tiny house with cozy home decor. Let us know in the comments if you’ll use any of these ideas to make your home feel cozy.

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  • Dianne Dianne on Aug 14, 2023
    8 years ago we moved from a century farmhouse to a city home. The agent we had wanted me to remove books, pictures etc. I said no. It never bothered me when looking at prospective homes. The end result was our home sold quickly and to someone who. Loved my library, books, pictures and the heritage colours, no grey, no white throughout.🤗🇨🇦
  • Pat Pat on May 16, 2024
    I agree. We looked at two houses before we purchased the one we are in. The first one had been stripped of everything except basic furniture, a few lamps and a large mirror. It was cold and uninviting, and I couldn't imagine it ever being the warm, cozy home I wanted. The second was just the opposite. Books and decorations abounded, there was even some knitting laying on a chairside table. People 'lived' there. They loved it and it showed. I wanted the second one, but my point is, if you want people to love your home, show them how much you love it. Just take down the personal pictures and wipe the paw prints off the door. And if there's a spot on the floor, tell them it's from tears because you have to leave.