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One thing I hear often when it comes to interior decorating is “I’m afraid it won’t look right,” or “I’m not sure it will flow.” The struggle to make rooms feel connected but also unique & functional is real. Whether you’re moving into a new home or making changes to your existing one, I’m here to give you my top 3 tips on how to create a cohesive home.

TIP #1 - Choose a Color Palette

A great starting point is to choose a palette of your ‘happy colors.’ What colors bring you joy? Maybe you love bold brights or moody darks. Come up with a color combination that goes together you can use consistently throughout your home. There’s obviously caveats to this, but you wouldn’t want to paint, say, your whole house light grey and then paint your bedroom purple (which is verbatim what our house looked like when we bought it, lol). I recommend choosing a base paint color that you use throughout the majority of your home, or at least variations of it. Then you can add accent colors within your color palette using less permanent items such as wall art, furniture, or shelf decor.

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TIP #2 - Determine Your Home Design Style(s)

What design style do you gravitate towards? Are you into modern contemporary? Perhaps farmhouse or bohemian? Or maybe somewhere in between? No need to stick a strict label on it, but figuring out what sort of home style(s) speak to you will help with your decor selections. There are even a number of online quizzes, like this one, that can help you decide. Once you’ve identified what you like, it becomes easier to carry that style over from room to room.

TIP #3 - Incorporate Consistent Elements

Each room serves a different function therefore there are some things you’ll want to switch up, like wood tones and textures. After all, we don’t want every room looking the same (boringgg); but there are aspects we want to keep consistent. When it comes to consistency, think flooring, fixtures, & textiles.


Carrying over the same flooring throughout your home is a huge step in making it cohesive. A lot of older homes have different floor styles, going from wood to linoleum to carpet, etc. Understanding that new floors ain’t cheap, there are some lower cost options to explore. Painting (like we did in our side entry/powder room) is great for lesser traffic areas, or installing luxury vinyl plank flooring (like we used in our basement remodel) gives the appearance of wood for a more affordable price tag.

Something as simple as an area rug can throw off your feng shui — The rug on the right does not look cohesive. (Source: RugsUSA)

I want to stress that as much as interior design is a science… it also isn’t. Even those with a flair for it learn by playing with different elements until they discover what works! The same goes for you when decorating your own home. Have fun with it! Everyone’s style is different, but if you stick to the three rules above while being playful and incorporating your own style + flare, you’ll be on the right path for how to create a cohesive home that perfectly suits you.

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**Please visit my original post on my website HERE, and be sure to Subscribe to receive more DIY + home styling content! As a thank you, I'll send you my Top 10 Tips for Refreshing a Space!**

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Amy Lewicki
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