How to Create a Cohesive Home With Color

If your home feels a little disjointed, turn it into a cohesive home using color as a common thread throughout the rooms. It won’t look matchy-matchy, don’t worry.

Cohesive home decor means that your home has a harmonious look to it that flows throughout each space and much of that has to do with color. Here’s how to create a cohesive color scheme for your home.

Overall color story

Step 1: Determine the overall color story for your entire home

Choose a set of colors that complement each other and reflect the style and atmosphere you want to create. I’m going to use the example of an earthy mid-century modern home. If that’s the style you are after for your home, you would have muted earth tones as your primary color palette.

Living room design
Color story as a foundation

Step 2: Choose room-specific palettes

Understand that your color story doesn't mean using the exact same colors in every room. Instead, use the defined color story as a foundation and build room-specific palettes. For instance, disperse two or more of the chosen colors in each room to maintain cohesion.

Living room color palette

Step 3: Pick a living room color palette

In the living room, incorporate two of your chosen colors through elements like drapery, lighting, and accent chairs. This ensures a consistent theme without creating an identical look in each space.

Kitchen color palette

Step 4: Pick a kitchen color palette

Introduce variety in the kitchen by using a different tone of green for the tiles and adding wood accents. This diversifies the color scheme while maintaining a connection to the overall story.

Bathroom color palette

Step 5: Pick a bathroom color palette

For the bathroom, bring in another color, such as blue, using tiles or bath towels. This adds a refreshing touch of diversity while still aligning with the broader color story.

Sticking to a color palette in design

Step 6: Understand related but distinct palettes

Ensure that each room feels related but not identical – more like distant cousins than twins. This approach adds interest and personality to each space while maintaining an overall cohesive feel.

Vases in different shades

Step 7: Think small with changeable items

Experiment with smaller, more changeable items to play around with different colors. Items like vases, artwork, throw pillows, blankets, and bedding can be easily swapped out, allowing for flexibility in your decor.

Color story in artwork
Color story in accessories
Cohesive home decor

Step 8: Follow the color story in accessories

Use accessories like vases, artwork, throw pillows, and blankets to introduce and experiment with different colors within the established color story. This allows for easy adjustments and updates without a major overhaul.

Cohesive home decor

By following these steps, you can create a cohesive home with diverse home decor that reflects your style and personality. Enjoy the process of experimenting with colors and making your home a unique and inviting space. Let me know if these ideas were helpful and if you have other tips for cohesive home decor in the comments.

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  • Susan Chartock Susan Chartock on Nov 29, 2023
    Lots of good advice in creating a cohesive home decor. I have been trying to add more color to the living room area. However, now I can use this as a guide to decide upon what will work well and make it look nice. Thank you.