Office Makeover Ideas For a Cozy, Neutral & Stylish Space

I'm finally going to be sharing my huge office makeover with everyone. It has been quite the challenge, but I'm really excited to show you what I've done now that it’s over.

This is my first big project, and honestly, I'm very proud of it. Let’s jump into the office tour now and see all of the office makeover ideas I came up with eventually turned into reality.

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Welcome to my new and improved office. This room has gone through so many stages over the years.

When we first moved here, this room was basically an office, but it wasn't cute at all. We made it work because it was such a big house to furnish, but we knew this room had so much more potential.

I started scrolling on Pinterest, and I just kept going back to this one picture. This is from a design that Shea McGee did, and I was obsessed with it. It’s so beautiful, and I would give up my soul for it.

So I was like, how do we get this done? I started scrolling through Facebook Marketplace and this lady was selling a huge built-in for a very affordable price. It was already pre-built, and I only had to finish it.

The paint color I used is called Foothills by Sherwin-Williams. It is a beautiful color, and I get tons of questions about it. On camera, it might look green, but it only has a green undertone. In person, it looks more like wet mud.

Many people recommended that I paint the baseboards the same color as the walls, so I did. I probably would have just painted the baseboards white on my own, but it looks amazing.

There's no white in here at all except the window trim. So I really appreciate all of the suggestions I received.

Another thing that I want to share is the lampshade. It is from IKEA, and they sell it in two different sizes.

I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate everything, but it's kind of getting there. The items are basically things that I've collected throughout the year.

This seagrass basket is from the Studio McGee spring collection last year. I don't think they brought it back this year, but you can still find them on Mercari or eBay, so definitely look there.

This little checker tray I found at a thrift store.

This garland was also from the Studio McGee spring collection from last year and the vase is brand new from Hobby Lobby. They just released this one, so I definitely recommend going to get it soon.

The vase is so pretty, and I might eventually DIY some little handles on it to make it look a little bit more aged. I am already obsessed with it.

Right above it, I have two books.

This little broom-type thing is also from Studio McGee.

This urn right here is my most prized possession. This is from Oaxaca, Mexico, which is where my mom is from. And it's very special to me. I initially had it on my desk, but I put it up here instead because I would be so sad if my kids broke it.

I'm hoping to add some sort of vintage art to this frame from Etsy. I'm still trying to figure out which ones I want to add to it.

Then up there, I have a vase from Joann's. It is very beautiful. I also recommend going to get that one quickly before it sells out.

I placed some random books right there next to the vase.

Moving on, this picture frame is from the Hearth and Hand collection that they have right now. This is the prairie print. It is so beautiful I'm obsessed with it. I do wish it was a little bigger. I think eventually I'm going to go bigger with the frame. Right now I have it there because I don't want to make another hole.

The picture light is from Amazon. I'm obsessed with it. It has a remote, and it also has a little tap button that you could use to turn it off and on. It also dims more if you want it to or you can make it brighter. It's also rechargeable, which is great.

Over on this side, as you can tell, I have not really styled it much.

These two vases are on the bottom because I just don't know where to put them right now.

I also have a bunch of random decor sitting on these shelves, and I need to figure out where to place them long-term. So that's kind of where we're at.

Hidden on this side, I have this cute little rattan trash can from HomeGoods.

As you guys can tell, I also put an electrical outlet in front of the shiplap over here. So that was also done.

The new rug is from Target.

After buying this bench, I decided that I really didn’t like it, so I sold it. Someone is going to pick it up soon. I am hoping to do either a couch here or two chairs. I think that would be nice.

Then, I will do some styling with a blanket and throw pillows. I want something a little bit more cozy, and I don't think this bench matches that cozy feeling in the room, so I am going to find something else to replace it with something that does.

As you guys can tell, this is the frame molding that I did. The boxes match the opening on the other side of the room.

Behind the door, I have some wall decor. The hook and linen corkboard are from the Hand and Hearth collection.

Office makeover

That is my new office, you guys. I'm so happy with the way my office makeover turned out. It is my favorite room in my entire house at the moment.

I would love to know what you think. Share your opinion in the comments below.

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  • Sandra Mcconnell Sandra Mcconnell on Mar 30, 2024
    Terribly boring
  • Kimberley Kemp Kimberley Kemp on Mar 30, 2024
    I love the color you chose for the walls. I'm not a white or gray kind of gal, so I like to see other colors for a change. My only thought is that since you have no white in the room, and a darker paint for the walls, why use the white electrical plugs and covers? I think I would have used the almond or ivory.