How to Create a Cute Office in a Shed With a Few Easy Tweaks

I have a she shed office! Our tool shed has been finished for a few years but when we decided to move my office out of the house and into this building, I wanted to give it a little exterior facelift.

My husband was totally on board, even though that meant that some of the work that we did not all that long ago would have to be…well….undone to turn this shed into an office. Take a look at this shed-to-office conversion for some great ideas.

The shed was originally designed to be a mini version of our house as a focal point down the center of our driveway.

We started by painting the entire shed the same color as our house trim.

Then we tore off the Hardie board from the top part of the shed, replaced it with a layer of plywood, and then added decorative cedar shingles.

I built and installed cedar window boxes under each window and filled them with flowers that love the sun and are drought-tolerant.

And then there is this piece of the project–the wide-seat step across the building.

We compromised along the way and did this together. In the end, the design had to be beautiful and completely functional. There is a balance and we worked together to find it.

I thought the shed was cute before but with these few small changes, they really added so much personality to the project.

Here’s to a few more years before I want to make more changes to my she shed office! Let me know what you think about what we did. Leave a comment below.

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