This or That? These Are the 6 Worst & Best IKEA Products

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

IKEA is known the world over for several things: Scandinavian design, affordable prices, and self-assembled furniture.

Of course, everyone has their favorite and not-so-favorite items from the giant retailer as well as their own list of best IKEA hacks out there. I know I sure do, and I’m excited to share my favorite tips on finding the best IKEA products for sale today while also pointing out the worst IKEA furniture before you buy it.

Today, I’m going to be playing the game This or That—IKEA version. I’m going to be presenting you guys with two different options, and I'm going to be recommending the one that is more suitable and designer preferred.


1. Mirrors

To begin with, I would like to talk about two mirrors. One is the TOFTBYN mirror, and one is the HOVET mirror. The TOFTBYN is $97, and the HOVET is coming in at $139. But I would really recommend the HOVET because you get more value for your money because it's really big.


2. Wall lighting

When it comes to lighting, IKEA just came out with their VARMBLIXT collection. I have some mixed feelings about it, but I do find it very eclectic, maximalist, and contemporary. So when it comes to lights in general, I really like their LED wall lamps.


I think they are very contemporary, sleek, and minimal, and there are so many ways that you could use them. You can either hang them horizontally or vertically, use them in a corner, or you can just stick them along a wall.

Donut-shaped light from the VARMBLIXT collection

Their donut-shaped ones seem a bit mad to me though. What are you going to do with them? It depends on how you use them, but I would say for $65, you should really go for the curved-shaped ones instead.

TOLKNING rattan headboard

3. Beds

Ever since they came out with the TOLKNING rattan headboard, I think it's been a game changer for bedrooms everywhere. Buying a good-looking bed can be pricey, but if you want to save money, you could always buy an average-looking bed and a really good mattress. Then, you can spruce them both up by using a nice headboard.

Boho bedroom

Take, for instance, a boho bedroom, which can give off some desert vibes with warm-colored bedding and pillows. I would use the TOLKNING headboard as well just to tie in those two elements. It looks really well put together, and overall, I put my stamp of approval on it.

So I would say if you're looking to save some money, get an average-looking bed with no headboard, and then add a really nice mattress together with a TOLKNING headboard for $54.

SINNERLIG lampshade

4. Pendant lamps

Let's venture into the world of lamps. For me, IKEA’s SINNERLIG lamp coming in at $32 is a much better option than the MISTERHULT, which is coming in at $86. There's a $50 price difference, so I would say any day, any time, go for the $32 one.

SINNERLIG lampshades nested together

Why? Well, firstly, you can nest the lamps, meaning you can bring them together in a cluster. Before you know it, you have a nice light installation at hand. You can even vary the heights, and then you will really have something visually interesting.

MISTERHULT light fixture

The MISTERHULT, on the other hand, I didn't like that much because it’s so much bigger. You really can't nest them together in order to create a constellation. And they’re not really that breathtaking in my opinion. For the price point, I would much rather go with a cheaper one and then buy two or three to create a nested look.

NORDEN multifunctional table

5. Multifunctional furniture

Now let's go into things that are multifunctional. I love multifunctional pieces of furniture because if you have a small space, then you can really get more for less. Right now we have a NORDEN table. It has extra storage, so you can store all the dining-related stuff.

Or if you're using it as a work table, you can also store all your office-related stuff but still use it as a dining table later on during the day when you clear everything off. And then you can eat there.

KALLHALL multifunctional desk

With their other option, the KALLHALL, I'm really a bit hesitant because, for me, it's looking a bit too utilitarian. Of course, it's important to optimize function and aesthetics. But when it comes to this case, given that there are two options, I would really go with a NORDEN.

The KALLHALL is coming in at $193 and the NORDEN is coming at $247. So again, that's a $50 price difference or so. But I absolutely think it's worth the extra spend just to get it a little bit nicer and to get it a little bit more beautiful.

BRANAS laundry basket

6. Laundry baskets

I absolutely adore the BRANAS basket from IKEA priced at $50. It has some weight to it, and it has a nice warm color to it as well. I also love that it has a lid, so if you throw all your dirty laundry in there, you don't have to worry about seeing it, nor do you have to worry about the smells.

TOLKNING laundry basket

I think the downfall of their other laundry basket option, from the TOLKNING line and also priced at $50, is that it’s open, so you can see everything. Plus, the smell is just all over the room after you're done with laundry. I think for the laundry basket category, it's better to go for the BRANAS.

The worst & best IKEA products

Now you know the best things to buy at IKEA and which things to avoid. Shopping becomes a whole lot easier with some helpful guidance, saving you both time and money. The only question that remains now is which of these best IKEA items you add to your cart next.

Let me know which of these items makes it on your best IKEA products list down below.

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  • Rhonda Winter Rhonda Winter on Dec 31, 2023
    Just looked up the Norden. It is $100 more than what your article says!
  • Annora Starbuck Annora Starbuck on Dec 31, 2023
    When we stay in a hotel, I take a coffee packet and when I get home, I tear it open enough for the fragrance to escape but not the coffee. I put the packet in the bottom of the laundry. The coffee smell masks orders very well.