The 7 Best Hobby Lobby Fall Decor Items Available Now

Today, I am stopping in at Hobby Lobby to look at their new selection of fall decor. Earlier today, I checked online, and Hobby Lobby fall decor is already 40% off. That’s amazing for this early in the season, so I’m sure there are lots of great deals out there just waiting to be discovered.

Whenever I share my fabulous finds with others, I like to specifically show them the things that I would actually use in my own home. So without further ado, I’m heading into Hobby Lobby and checking out everything they have to offer in 2023.

Cosmos for fall

1. Florals

Naturally, I am always drawn to the floral section first. I think most of us probably are. They have a lot of pretty selections to choose from this year, but I do believe a lot of these are repeats from years past.

However, there are a couple that stood out to me that I don't remember ever seeing before, like cosmos. I know that they have cosmos all year round, but I've never really seen such bright yellow, rich color before.

Hobby Lobby fall flowers

When it comes to buying Hobby Lobby fall flowers, or even Hobby Lobby fall wreaths, I usually like to incorporate richer, darker tones into my home decor. So I often do a lot of browns, maroons, oranges, and yellows.

Hobby Lobby fall decorations in the floral department

Some of the Hobby Lobby fall decorations in the floral department this year look kind of viney and kind of wispy almost. And also, if you're into sunflowers or mums, they have some that are really beautiful and realistic in person as well.

They would be great if you were wanting to style some outside, but you don't want to spend the money every single year on real ones. Honestly, no one would ever know, especially from a distance.

Dried florals section at Hobby Lobby

Dried florals

Next, I’m moving on to the dried floral section. There they did have several colors of eucalyptus. I know some people don't like the smell of them. I know I don't like the smell of dried eucalyptus. But I do think it looks really pretty. The smaller picks of eucalyptus would be great if you're making a single little bud vase or something like that.

Fall floral arrangements

Floral arrangements

Moving on to the middle section of Hobby Lobby, they did have a few arrangements that I don't remember seeing from last year. The first arrangement looks like a basket that is actually a ceramic vase that it is in. So that is a really pretty find too.

Dried florals

But then moving along to more of the dried florals, I see several that are very pretty. They are obviously very realistic because they are just dried flowers. But my only downfall with these types of florals is that even though they are beautiful, I feel like they are always hard for me to store.

The next year I'm always picking up the little crumbles when they fall apart. So I don't know. If any of you guys have any great storing methods for dried florals, let me know because I'm definitely interested in using some of those this year in my home decor.

Flameless candles

2. Candles

Moving along to the candle section, I don't remember seeing flameless candles in years past that had a scent to them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that they were really pretty and a unique piece as well. And they all smell super good.

Scented candles

But one of my favorites is the, I believe it's called, Heartland Harvest. It smells so good. It does come in multiple sizes and different vessels and things like that. But they are all really good and definitely a great thing to have for a centerpiece, or if you have candlesticks that you want to add on a console table or on a fireplace mantle. Basically, anything like that.

Amber vase

3. Vases

Now I’m moving along into more of the middle section of the store. So I want to point out ordinary things that you could easily use for fall. All of the items I’m sharing now are things that you can find at Hobby Lobby all year round.

Up first is amber vases. You can use them to make floral arrangements, of course, but you could also group several of them together on a table or shelf without flowers as well.

Colored candlesticks in fall colors

4. Colored candlesticks

They also have colored candlesticks. I bought some last year, and they are like $1.50 apiece. Of course, they go on sale occasionally as well. So you can't go wrong with those.

Kitchen decor for fall

5. Kitchen decor

And now, I’m moving into the rest of the fall section. So my Hobby Lobby doesn’t have everything out yet, like table decor and things like that. But they do have a few things that I wanted to share with you guys. They have a little brush that is super cute if you want to be a little more festive and set something like that next to your sink.

Table decor for fall

6. Table decor

They also have serving trays. And then they have little dishes, like butter dishes. They have glasses. Different things like that. I think that their set of glasses are really pretty. And it would be fun if you made some homemade apple cider or something like that. Definitely a festive touch.

Hobby Lobby fall decorations

7. Linens

They also have linens and other cloth stuff in general. They have tablecloths which are really pretty and help set the mood for fall.

Hobby Lobby fall wall art

Hobby Lobby fall decorations

Hobby Lobby fall decor is everywhere you look in stores right now. Stop in and check out all the deals they have ready and waiting for you. Then, share your favorite Hobby Lobby fall decorations with me down below.

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  • Pat Pat on Feb 09, 2024
    What the religious beliefs the owners or anyone practices is none of my business. The quality, variety and price of their merchandise is. It affects my mood, my budget, the look of my home and the space I used to have for seasonal storage (I ran out of that years ago, now I just stack). I'm just grateful we live so far away that we only get there every other month or so. Well - maybe every month and a half. What I'm really grateful for is Hobby Lobby itself. To the owners, keep up the good work and worship whomever you want, however you want. I'll still be a customer.
  • Pat98549461 Pat98549461 6 days ago
    My absolute favorite store. Could shop there for hours