12 Affordable & Versatile Home Decor Essentials For Styling Your Space


Let’s discuss 12 home decor essentials that everyone should have when styling their home (and I have a bonus at the end). I constantly come back to these items time and time again when I’m styling every part of my home. They are very affordable and work for every season.

Vases are functional and decorative

1. Vases

I have different vases in different colors, materials, sizes, and shapes. I use them for functional purposes, like flowers, but also for decoration. Use them in the middle of your dining room or console table. Use a shorter vase on a coffee table, for example, where you can pop some hydrangeas and roses into a small vase.

Heavy marble catch-all bowl

2. Catch-all bowl

I have a beautiful heavy marble catch-all bowl that’s small enough to fit on a nightstand as well as on my kitchen or bathroom counter. Use these bowls for anything–put a candle in it, store jewelry, or use it for crystal quartz decor, or seasonal dried fruits.

Using candles in home decor

3. Candles

Candles, candles, candles! candles. Candles tie everything together. Your style doesn't just stop with how your house looks, but also how it smells and how it feels. Candles create that warm feeling using flame and lighting. The simpler the candle, the more luxurious it looks.

One of my very favorite scents is the Rustic Palo Santo candle from Target. It has an amazing cedar and wood fragrance.

Cutting and charcuterie boards

4. Cutting and charcuterie boards

Boards, such as cheese boards, cutting boards, and charcuterie boards come in all materials, shapes, and sizes–marble, heart-shaped, and more. Boards pull a look together, especially on your kitchen counter by your backsplash. They offer a nice way to present something.

Low-profile bowl

5. Low-profile bowl

Low-profile bowls are beautiful as centerpieces. I love the lip of the bowl, it has the perfect height and it looks beautiful on your dining room table filled with fruits or vegetables.

Glass cloche

6. Glass cloche

I found this glass cloche at Hobby Lobby. It was very inexpensive, and it can hold a candle or anything else. You can put seasonal items in it, too. I used it for my Christmas console decor last year.

Stacking coffee table books

7. Coffee table books

The chunkier the book, the better the look. Don’t go for thinner books. If you have some thinner books, pile them high up. But also get books that tie into your decor theme or color of your room–go for striking images and vibrant colors.

Using bud vases in home decor

8. Bud vases

Bud vases come in handy to fill in a small corner or in nooks and crannies. Sometimes you need just a small object to style space, complete a look, or pull your room together. A bud vase elevates a look.

Using risers in home decor

9. Risers

Risers are often overlooked but it adds height and elevates a space. A riser helps you showcase a unique object. I have little trinkets around my home from different places that I put on risers.

Decorative tray

10. Trays

I mix and match trays all over my home in different materials such as wicker or brass. A tray makes a space look more uniform.

Match cloche

11. Match cloche

Of all things, matches can make a beautiful accent on a coffee table or anywhere else you have a candle. Put them in a match cloche to truly make the area elegant.

12. Fresh florals

Fresh florals create a luxurious vibe, especially in the spring and summer. Fresh flowers always elevate my mood and my space.

Home decor essentials

Bonus: unique objects

Don’t forget your unique objects. I have them all over my home to give my space a personal look.

Home decor essentials

I hope you are inspired by my list of 12-plus essential home decor items. They are simple, easy to find, and affordable. Do you have any other essential decorative items you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Mabel Jacobs Mabel Jacobs on Aug 02, 2023
    Do you think family photos look better on a wall as a gallery display or on a table? I have some in a album but I want to see the faces and laugh at memories.
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    • Tom69754122 Tom69754122 on Oct 30, 2023
      Depends on your space. I have a gallery wall in one room. All matching black frames, my favorite photo of each grandchild. Other family photos are in bookcase & mantel, placed to coordinate with other decor
  • Skampy Skampy on Dec 24, 2023
    "A tray makes a space look more uniform."?