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This past weekend, my husband turned to me and said those four words every design-loving wife wants to hear: “I want to paint.” Before we knew it, we had a full dining room makeover on our hands! In one weekend, we managed to give this room a total facelift, and I love it so much more! It got me thinking how you really don’t need to spend a lot to change up a space. Aside from the blinds (which were pricey because we have 3 windows), we completely transformed our dining room at very little cost. Keep reading, and I’ll walk you through how to achieve a budget friendly room refresh in your own home.

Painting Walls & Trim —

Paint is a vibe. No, seriously… It has such a big impact! Our whole first floor is a shade of grey with a slight greenish tint. (Never knew the name and haven’t been successful finding a true match.) Point is: Adam hates it, lol. I have actually never really minded it, but after seeing the room a brighter color, I’m sold! We went with Sherwin Williams’ Greek Villa, which is the same color we painted our finished basement. For under $50, the color change alone made a huge difference! It’s hard to tell in the Before & After photos, but the room is much more bright and inviting. The trim was also in dire need of touching up, and since we already had the white paint, Adam did that too.

Updating Window Treatments —

Do your windows have broken blinds and faded drapes? May be time for an upgrade. Our blinds weren’t in bad shape, just dated. We opted to replace them with bamboo ones. This is, admittedly, a pricey upgrade, but there are lots of budget friendly window treatments! Cordless faux wood blinds look great and are relatively inexpensive (around $60 for your standard size window). Switching up your curtains is another great option. These ones from Amazon are my absolute favorite and are super affordable, or you could make your own drop cloth curtains (like I did here) for about $20! **Check out my blog site for my DROP CLOTH tutorial!

Re-Arrange Furniture & Art —

You don’t have to buy new furniture to refresh a space. For example, we did a little switch-a-roo, moving a cabinet into our sitting room and replacing it with the console table along the opposite wall. The hutch was also in our sitting room, so we moved that into the dining room as well, which is much more functional. A little magical chairs with pieces you already own, and boom! — You’ve completed a budget friendly room refresh!

Purge & Shop Your Home —

To give your space an ultimate makeover, there’s nothing like a good purge! I say ‘yes’ to purging decor that no longer speaks to you. As your design preference evolves, your home should reflect it. Sell it; donate it; just get rid of it. This isn’t to say go out and buy all new home decor. (Otherwise, the title of this post wouldn’t make much sense, would it?) Shop whatchu got right at home! Take pieces from other rooms and experiment with what looks best where. We actually plan to even swap light fixtures, creating a new look without spending a dime! If you’re like me, you have bins (…upon bins upon bins…) of decor somewhere in your home. Open ’em up! This glass vase is an example of something I pulled out of my basement. Shopping doesn’t have to be from a store. 🙃

And there you have it, my friends. Those are my tips for a budget friendly room refresh! If you have a room in your home that could use a little face lift, even just implementing one of these could help upgrade your space and make it feel like a thousand bucks… without actually spending it. 😉


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Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (Lowes)
  • Blinds   (https://rstyle.me/+EGQgoeVjBv4fO8QA1BoNyw)
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