Thrifted Modern Organic Home Decor Ideas & How to Style Them

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I am sharing a shopping trip to Goodwill where I found beautiful thrifted home decor items to style my home. I sourced a whole collection of modern organic home decor. The tones and textures all go together so I’ll show you exactly where I placed these thrifted home decor items and styled them in my house.

1. Hat rack

At first, I thought this was a sculpture. It’s a hat rack! It’s very midcentury modern in style. I loved the form and I needed a good hat rack for my dressing room but I used it by the front door instead. To me, it’s like a statement piece, like art.

2. Sconces

These were so curious I just had to examine them. They are made from heavy brass. I may make them all black to look like wrought iron. They may work in my bathroom. I added one in a little corner for now. It looks serene and quaint.

3. Metal tray

This tray has a natural patina to make it look vintage or antiqued. You can put votive candles on here or perfume bottles on a dresser top. I styled it on my dining room shelf and put three marble spheres on it for artsy decor. There are so many ways to use this.

4. Mirror

This seagrass mirror is so organic and cool. It also works in boho-style decor. It’s great for an entryway or a small bathroom. I styled it in the front room near a window. It looks so natural and it popped against the natural trees outdoors.

5. Ceramic vessel

I’m always looking for pottery. This ceramic vase has metal filagree work with patina. I don’t know if it’s old or made to look old. It may be from the 1970s but I can’t be sure. It’s about 22 inches tall and it’s heavy. I styled it in my main living room with a bare branch.

6. Bowl

This wood bowl has enamel inserts on the rim. It has a great irregular shape. I styled it on my long antique wood table. This bowl is a statement piece that speaks for itself so I kept it empty.

7. Crescent candleholders

My modern and minimalist heart leaped when I saw these high-end lead crystal glass Mikasa candleholders. I styled them right on my mantel where they look chic.

8. Jellyfish art glass

This is a super unique piece of handblown Murano glass. It’s not signed, though. It’s so ethereal, and light, and the tones are so lovely. I styled this freeform piece on a minimalist shelf on an all-white background to give it a moment to shine. The other piece of artwork next to it adds more texture to the vignette.

Here’s a trick when I thrift shop. I typically go through the store and then let my eyes refresh before I go back for round two to see what I’ve missed. That’s how I found the art glass, bowl, and ceramic vessel. Let me know in the comments what you think. Let me also know any tips and tricks about how you thrift shop.

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  • Vicki Vicki on Jun 02, 2024
    LOVE IT! You have a great eye. I once found a Craftsman hand-hammered (stamped/signed) copper "morning glory" bowl in a $4 box of junk. Had to buy the whole box to get it. Small price and small bother for such a beautiful piece. Bought a Pennsylvania Craftsman Guild hand-constructed & signed/laced/engraved leather, purse for $30 at a thrift. Years & years before I'd seen them marketed at shows for 10 times that. :) Have received many public compliments on it, even from men.
  • Pamela Wimbley Pamela Wimbley on Jun 02, 2024
    Loved your finds. I am a GoodWill fanatic and have found some great items. Like you, I make more than one run and will usually find something I missed, like a Waterford crystal glass I found, now I am looking for another.