12 Small Space Ideas to Make the Most of Storage in Your Home

I have a few small space ideas to share with you today. I've included the products for small spaces because they make styling easier. Read on to find out how to style and organize your small space.

Bamboo drawer organizers

1. Bamboo drawer organizers

They fit so many sizes of drawers, and I love them because you can use them to customize all of your drawers, especially if you move often. You can use them in the bathroom, kitchen, or home office. They offer so many options. Expandable bamboo drawer dividers are perfect for small space organization.

Velcro picture hanging strips

2. Velcro picture hanging strips

These are an absolute lifesaver for any renters or anyone working with cement walls you're not supposed to drill into. These are velcro strips that have an extra sticky back to them, so you can put the sticky side on both sides of the frame and just stick it to the wall.

How many you use on a frame depends on how heavy it is, but I usually just use one for the lighter ones and put it on the top and bottom.

I even use them on wallpapered walls, but if you're working with a very thin style of wallpaper, you should be careful whenever you remove them. It's also easy to reposition them and put them back on the wall.

LED lights

3. LED lights

I love adding layered lighting, especially to small spaces, so that you can shift the mood throughout the day. It creates a cozy feel in your space in the early morning or late evening. They transition well throughout each home; you can just move with them.

Acrylic organizers

4. Acrylic organizers

These are my go-to acrylic organizers. I love the lazy Susan for skin care if you have the extra space or for oils or spices in your cabinet. The riser is perfect for spices and skincare, though I wouldn't recommend combining those two. There are just so many that you can easily adapt to any space.

Duvet covers

5. Duvet cover

This is the duvet I've used in many of our makeovers. I use IKEA as my go-to because it's the best option I've found at an affordable price range and comes in the larger western king size. I recommend the Muji down-filled duvet because it's extra fluffy.

This IKEA duvet is one I use in either the warm or light warm, depending on the season. You can throw it in the wash, and though it might smell a little funky after it comes out of the wash, just wait until it fully air dries and the smell disappears.

Under-bed storage

6. Under-bed storage

Anyone living in a small space and needing more storage should take advantage of the storage underneath your bed. These are going to help you do that. My favorites are these waterproof bags because it makes moving so easy. I also use the vacuum seal bags for items I don't need at the moment, like off-season bedding or clothing.

Paper lantern lighting

7. Alternative sources of lighting

These can help transition your space. Throughout the day, they create different moods and make you not feel like you're living in the same box all day long. I bought the lightest pendant light I could find and hung it from the ceiling.

As a renter, I can always safely get away with putting a tiny hole in the ceiling because no one thinks to look up at the ceilings when you're moving out. It's easy to patch over with super glue.

You can make a bold statement in your space without taking up that precious floor space, but if you're working with lighter ceilings like I am, you still have a lot of good options.

Fresh and clean white towels

8. White towels

I love them and a bonus is they're very affordable. They are easy to keep clean and fresh looking.

Label maker

9. Label maker

I don't know why I was so cheap and waited so long to buy this because this label maker is the best, and it is truly life-changing. It's not even that expensive, and it helps you stay organized in a small space.

I don't recommend buying the brand name labels; I think they are too expensive. I recommend buying the off-brand version of the tape because it works the same, but it's much cheaper, and it comes in a better variety of colors.

Fluffy bed pillows

10. Fluffy bed pillows

The Ikea down-filled pillows are my go-to. They're affordable and hold up well, but I recommend buying waterproof pillow protectors to keep them lasting longer.

I love adding these to any small space because I think it creates such a cozy and inviting bed, but that's not limited to small spaces. We all want our beds to be cozy.

Reusable bottles

11. Reusable bottles

Whenever you can swap out ugly bottles, dish soap, shampoo, or hand soaps for something cuter and more reusable, it makes your brain feel calmer when you walk into your shower, and you don't have six crazy bottle labels staring at you.

Organic cotton sheets

12. Organic cotton sheets

I also love the sheets from Pottery Barn; you can even pay a little extra to have them monogrammed. It's little touches that elevate living in a small space.

Small space ideas

I hope these small space ideas and the products I suggested are helpful to you. Small-space living can be challenging, but it becomes much easier with the right organization. What ideas do you have for making small spaces more efficient and inviting? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Virginia Virginia on Jan 10, 2024
    I love the idea of the reusable bottles!!! I’ve never thought of it, and I’m definitely going to try it!
  • Eva Carter-Hoyt Eva Carter-Hoyt on Apr 20, 2024
    Like the idea of bottles as well, but don't like that they are glass, the idea of breakables that could easily slip in a wet environment sounds like an accident waiting to happen, hmm maybe there are pretty plastic bottles 🤔