How to Decorate With Green: Light, Dark, Sage, Mint & More

Green wasn't the highest color on my list when it came to choosing a palette for my home, but Julie Khuu may have just changed my mind! There is so much to learn about the psychology of green, why it's a good choice for a home, and the variety of green shades out there.

Watch the video below to hear interior designer Julie Khuu discuss her love for green and its versatility in home decor, then see below for a summary of the main points, design inspiration, and decor ideas:

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Green: A Spectrum of Emotions

Green offers a wide range of colors to evoke various moods:

  • Light and Airy: Sage greens create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Dark and Moody: Deep greens like evergreen or hunter create a dramatic, forest-inspired feel.

Using Green in Every Room

Julie explores using green throughout the house:


Create a restful ambiance with deep green walls or a lighter sage green.


Modernize your bathroom with statement green tiles, cabinets, or a bold wallpaper.


Explore various green cabinet shades: light mint, rich sage, or emerald green glazed tiles.

Living Rooms

Introduce green through walls, patterned fabrics, furniture upholstery, area rugs, or curtains.

The Psychology of Green

Green is associated with nature and evokes positive feelings:

  • Balance and Renewal: Green is often used in spas and salons to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Freshness and Growth: Lighter greens represent new beginnings and a connection to nature.
  • Sophistication: Darker greens create a rich and sophisticated ambiance.

Choosing the Perfect Green

  • Consider the Feeling: How do you want to feel in the space?
  • Sample, Sample, Sample! Lighting and existing finishes can alter paint color perception.
  • Julie Recommends Samplize: Peel-and-stick paint samples for easy application and removal.

1. Benjamin Moore Limesicle (2145-50)

2. Sherwin-Williams Hazel (SW 6471)

3. Benjamin Moore Soft Fern (2144-40)

4. Benjamin Moore Hunter Green (2041-10)

5. Benjamin Moore Avocado (2145-10)

Pops of Green

To add pops of color to your existing decor and try out the green trend first, take a look at these home accessories:

1. MIULEE Dark Green Corduroy Pillow Covers

2. Metal Desk Clock

3. Green Throw Blanket

4. Jewelry Dish Tray

5. Dosmix Retro Bluetooth Speaker

6. Der Rose Set of 6 Succulents

Green with Envy?

What do you think of using green in your home, have you ever used green as a color scheme, and which shades do you think work best? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Bot100146907 Bot100146907 on Jul 16, 2024
    I had a candy dish with mint green edging had the paint mixed and using it on edging of a boring bookcase & get a lot of compliments. Paint by Clark+Kensington.
  • Ars54268128 Ars54268128 7 days ago
    Green is a CLASSIC color choice.