Our Summer Living Room Decor For the New Season

We are back at Shonda's house for another renovation update. This time, she is focusing on styling her foyer and family room with summer living room decor. If this is the first time you have joined us for a home refresh, we’re excited to have you join us to check out all the summer living room decor ideas we’ll be sharing as we go.

We are updating here in the foyer area to start. Now, Shonda's home is shoe-free, so when the family used to come through the door, the kids and her husband would just leave their shoes right here where they took them off. She quickly realized that that was going to be a problem area, and she knew that she would like to have a shoe cabinet.

This 16-shoe shoe cabinet has two drawers on the bottom for your shoes.

It also has a storage drawer at the very top, in which you could store keys or since our home is shoe-free, you could also store shoe covers — anything that you might need to accommodate your guests.

This cabinet does have an open back though, which is a feature that Shonda is a little bit undecided about. I'll tell you why, friends. When you're looking at the cabinet from the front, of course, there are spaces between the drawers.

Well, what Shanda is undecided about is the fact that you are able to see inside the cabinet, and you're kind of able to see all the way clear from the front to the back.

What she loves about this cabinet is the size. She's able to store a lot of shoes.

She also loves the fact that it does not project very far from the wall, thereby not taking up a lot of space here in the entryway.

And now you all know that we are both in our gold season, so this cabinet's modern design as well as the gold hardware is a perfect finishing touch.

This shoe cabinet also comes in a beautiful gray color.

The brand Tribesigns also offers other decorative pieces, such as this 24-cubby shoe rack here.

And with the way that my mind thinks, I can see some of their furniture pieces being used for something like arts and crafts. You could put baskets in it and then that would easily transform it into something that you could use for storage, such as art supplies and so much more.

Now we are going to get this area right here. This little space is located inside of the family room.

When it comes to summer decor for a living room, a tapestry is where it’s at. And this beautiful tapestry is from Hobby Lobby.

Now we're going to bring in this little vintage table. I can't even remember where Shonda got this from, but it could have been on one of our thrift store excursions.

You know we do have a flare for some of the vintage pieces. We like to mix them in with newer decor pieces, and Shonda loves the swerves and curls as she always says. I think that this table is definitely one that she will have for a very long time.

And you'll notice now what we have added to the top of the table. If you can't tell what it is, it is a wreath holder. We want to mimic the florals in the tapestry or the canvas, but we do not want to go with a floral arrangement. I know, I know, l know. I love floral arrangements too, but what I will say is that I love florals period, so what we decided to do is to add a wreath.

You have probably seen this all-white foam wreath at Home Goods. We love the kind of contrast between the two. We feel like the canvas is more of a farmhouse vibe and then added on are the pieces of wood accenting it, so that gives it kind of a rustic vibe. And then with the florals, they bring in a little bit of romance, which is perfect because we're not looking to get roped into one decor style in particular.

Our goal is to always achieve the comfy and the cozy. Now we don't need a whole lot on this table, but I do want you to notice that we added those beautiful candle holders in the back.

Speaking of comfy and cozy, with a little bit of I'll romance and farmhouse mixed together, we're going to bring in this wooden blessed sign that is definitely a little comfy cozy statement piece.

And with that we feel like it totally completes the look.

Summer living room decor

We hope that you've enjoyed seeing the updates that Shonda is making around her home. What better time to find summer living room inspiration and style your own home with summer living room decor that you absolutely fall in love with?

In the comments down below, tell us what you enjoyed most about seeing Shonda’s updates. Does it look just right yet or do you have some suggestions to make it even better?

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  • Bishop dr shonnie banks Bishop dr shonnie banks on Jun 01, 2024
    Yes, I definitely will. Love it.
  • Cherie Cherie on Jun 01, 2024
    I love the antique looking white table. I usually don’t go to thrift because I don’t have the imagination , but now I have to go. I live at places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning. I just moved to SC. What kind of stores do you all have here in the south ? What. Great city to go to find cool things?