6 Cute Fall Decor Ideas From the Decor Steals Fall "Steal It Box"

Today, we're going to be sharing the fall decor ideas for 2023. I will be showing you what's inside a fall decor box from the Decor Steals' Steal It Box range to give you some ideas for your own decor.

I'm not going to name these high-end stores, but a few pieces in here are almost identical to some high-end stores. I also need to add one last thing: this is not a subscription box. So when you buy this box, it is a one-time purchase.

Barn art
Barn art

1. Barn art

My favorite item in this box is this beautiful piece of art right here. It was the first item that I styled with, and it is a beautiful piece of framed art, a beautiful barn on a fall day. This is one of those items that can be up all year long because you don't really realize that it's fall-related until you put pumpkins in front of it and style it with. I feel like it's unique.

Stackable boxes

2. Stackable boxes

Now, here is an item of something that you don't realize you're getting two off until you open it up. It is this two-pack of stackable boxes. We have a large one right here, and we have a small one. I love these colors. They are very modern, and it's got white and like a light, light gray checkered print.

One of my favorite things about this box is the fact that you can style these items in multiple spaces, but also you can curate them all together. Multiple products can be used even when the season is over.

Flickering lights and pumpkins

3. Flickering lights and pumpkins

Up next, we have a two-pack of flickering lights right here. These have been going off nonstop. So it's safe to say the battery life is fantastic on these.

What do you think these are going to go with? If you said a Jack O 'Lantern, you were right. So they've already been styled in my kiddo's rooms. They claimed them right away. It's on my little guy's bookshelf, and this one is on my little girl's darling dupe of an expensive little velvet stool.

I think it'd be so cute if you happened to buy two boxes, then styled them on a front porch going down the staircase. So a larger one on each side and then one of these smaller ones on each side with the lights.

Black vessel

3. Black vessel

So we have this beautiful black vessel. It's almost got this aged, almost distressed, lightly distressed look. Honestly, right now, the lighting is picking this up absolutely perfectly. So you can really get a glimpse of what this looks like.

I love that it's a matte look. It's not glossy. I've bought in vessels before that have a glossy finish, which I feel like the matte finish gives a really, really high-end look, which I really appreciate. Perfect for fall. I have these beautiful stems to go with it.

Fall florals

4. Fall florals

Here are those beautiful fall flowers. Absolutely stunning. You just simply fluff it out, and it goes right into that vessel. If you guys are big Instagram and TikTok watchers, you guys know that there are some hacks for styling with stems, whether it be adding packaging to the bottom to kind of fill it up before you put in moss, like green foam moss on top or whatever you end up doing to fill it up. So it stays. I highly recommend doing that.

Vintage postcard

5. Vintage postcard

I still have more to share, but I wanted to share something that I thought was really creative and a cool idea as a bonus for buying the box; I thought it was going to be a note inside, and it's not. So make sure you do not throw this away. It is a darling piece of vintage art.

It's a vintage-style postcard for when you want to send a quick message that's thoughtful to a family member or a friend. This is just such a great reminder to somebody that you love that you're thinking of them and could possibly just make their day a little bit brighter.

Fall throw blanket

6. Fall throw blanket

Next up, we have a beautiful throw blanket with tassels on the end. This is the most stunning way to decorate the ends of accent chairs. I style it on the ends of the handlebars with the tassels facing the other way. I used to take it and kind of scrunch it up from the middle and have it dangling off of the sofa, if that makes sense.

When I first got this, I thought that this was black and orange. Then when I got it around other decor pieces, I was like, this is definitely a cream color, which is perfect because another piece that can be all year round.

I feel like this blanket, in particular, really challenged me with my decorating, and I don't mean challenging in a bad way. I mean, challenging in a way that makes me think outside of the box of how to decorate, which is super healthy for me.

This is really fun to decorate with. So play around with it. I highly recommend, when styling your pieces, to first style them the way that you want them styled. But if you're having a hard time decorating with these pieces, get inspiration from Decor Steal's website or Instagram account.

Fall decor ideas

I would love to know in the comments down below your favorite fall decor ideas from this box. Let me know if you guys are going to be snagging a Steal It Box for the fall season, too; if you're watching this and they've sold out already, make sure you get on the waiting list for the winter box because that will be out here before we know it.

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