How to Make Your Home Unique: 8 Ways to Add Personality

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by Casa Chaps

Sometimes you have to forget about interior design rules, especially when you want to learn how to make your home unique to you.

Here are a few ways to put your stamp on your home and spice things up. In the process, you’ll also learn how to make a house feel like a home. Here are eight simple ways to add personality to your home.

Sometimes it’s hard to put your personal touch on things when the furniture we have the most access to is mass-produced. But there are ways to make your house special and stand out from others. It’s important that our home reflects who we really are.

Displaying framed photos on shelves

1. Adding pictures

This is the easiest way to add character to your space. Hang pictures of your memories and your loved ones. But the real way to differentiate this aspect of your home is to use unique and interesting picture frames. Thrifting is a great way to find unique picture frames. You’ll find old, new, gold, brass…you name it you’ll find it.

Wall art with lighting
Gallery wall with photos of kids
Gallery wall with family photos

How you arrange your gallery wall will also show more of your personality. Symmetrical arrangements are more serious than asymmetrical arrangements and are more fun and relaxed.

Gallery wall with black and white artwork

Remember that less is more. Too many images will clutter the space and add visual weight into the room.

Gallery wall with black and white photos

One way to do a gallery wall is to choose a big photo and anchor it by surrounding it with two or three smaller frames.

Changing out the hardware on drawers
Vintage style hardware
Geode hardware for drawers

2. Changing hardware

This is an easy way to give old, dated pieces of furniture a facelift. Consider quirky handles to showcase your style.

New door handle

Consider swapping out old door handles and door knobs, too. Lever types of handles are more modern. Consider something other than gold or silver for your hardware, such as rose gold or a ceramic finish.

Large plant in a corner
Large tree in a living room
Large tree inside

3. Adding plants

Nature brings a relaxed, calm, and cozy feeling to a space. Consider a huge plant with big leaves, such as the paradise plant, or a bushy tree with many leaves like an olive tree. Remember your pots also add lots of personality to a space.

Bright blue door

4. Bright colored doors

Have you ever traveled to places where their exterior doors are painted bright colors? It adds an element of surprise.

Colorful doors
Colorful door

You can do this with exterior or interior doors. If you rent, use contact paper instead of paint but test a small part out first to see how it sticks to the door and if it’s easy to remove.

Antique-style wooden door

You can even antique, rustic, or bohemian-styled doors to add a vintage and curated vibe to your home.

Black, white, and gold home decor
Large-scale wall art
Glam maximalist artwork
Abstract art piece

5. Adding art

Art evokes different emotions in different people. Hang art that really resonates with you. To keep things cohesive, remember that the painting should have at least one or two colors that are used within the space so it fits in and belongs. Or the painting can be a contrasting accent color. To accentuate the art, hang a mirror opposite the piece.

Record and speaker displays
Unique artwork
Record covers as wall art

6. Adding collections

Display your collections to showcase your interests. Choose a subset of your collection to display. You don’t need to put every piece on display. Collections are great conversation starters, too!

Displaying cutting boards on a wall rack
Cutting board gallery wall
Displaying hats as wall art
Hat display above a bed
Guitar wall display

7. Other general items

Do you have a couple of interesting hats or guitars you can display instead of putting them in the closet? How about hanging a few interesting cutting boards? To keep things aesthetically pleasing, group things in groups of threes or odd numbers. It has more visual interest to the eye.

8. Adding scents

The art of interior design is not only visual and tactile, but it’s also olfactory. Memories are made in the presence of scents. If you want people to feel a certain way in your home, use signature scents.

For example, in a kitchen, use fresh, citrus scents. In a bedroom or bathroom, use lavender. In the summer, use lighter, airier scents, and in the autumn, use warmer and musky scents.

How to make your home unique

What do you think about these ideas for how to make a house feel like a home? What have you done in your home to make your home unique? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Nfi22498539 Nfi22498539 on Mar 13, 2024
    Since you asked... what's the deal with black front doors and entry ways??? I see a good number of these today and frankly I don't like it. What do you think? Maybe that's your next post??
    • Leesa Torres Leesa Torres on Mar 13, 2024
      I love it. Thats how my door was. Anything is better than a white door. We painted our door black 10 yrs ago. We were cool before it was cool lol
  • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Mar 13, 2024
    I truly, truly love the wooded antique door. It is gorgeous!!! I am a lover of antiques and love quality woods and design. Your other designs are very lovely also. Thanks for sharing!!!