Upcycle Your Bookends: 17 Creative Ways to Use Them Around the House

by Redeux_style

This article is all about maximizing the potential of bookends! We'll explore 17 unique ways to use bookends around your house, and none of them involve holding books.

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Bookends as Functional Decor

1. Doorstops

Put a single bookend to good use as a stylish doorstop, especially helpful if you only have one or one breaks.

2. Storage Solution

Bookends can corral cutting boards, keeping them upright and organized on your counter.

3. Display Stand

Busts or sculptures can be displayed beautifully on a single bookend.

4. Bathroom Towel Holder

Heavy bookends are perfect for keeping towels organized in your bathroom.

5. Napkin Holder

Elevate your table setting by using bookends to display napkins.

6. Mail Catcher

Bookends in your entryway can hold mail and keep it from cluttering your surfaces.

7. Vinyl Record Display

Flip heavy bookends over to create a unique stand for your vinyl records.

Upcycled Bookend Candle Holders

8. Candle Pedestal

Turn marble bookends on their sides to create a chic candle holder.

9. Double-Sided Candle Holder

Secure two bookends together to create a unique candle holder with cutouts for a captivating display of light.

Creative Bookend Uses

10. Tablet Stand

Keep your kids' iPads organized between two bookends.

11. Jewelry Stand

A single bookend can be a charming jewelry holder on your vanity.

12. File Holder

Light metal bookends can be used to hold files, pot holders, or plates.

13. Art Shelf

Secure bookends together and attach to a wall to create a shelf for displaying vinyl records or artwork.

14. Pop Light Stand

Repurpose a pop light into a unique wall sconce by attaching its base to bookends.

15. Picture Ledge

Turn heavy bookends on their sides to create a small ledge for displaying artwork or a mini chalkboard.

16. Cake Stand

Secure a beautiful tray on top of bookends with double-sided velcro for a DIY cake stand.

17. Closet Organizer

Use bookends in your closet to keep clutches or handbags organized.

So next time you come across bookends, consider their potential beyond the bookshelf! With a little creativity, you can upcycle them into functional and stylish elements for your entire home.

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  • Mar108420187 Mar108420187 on Jul 09, 2024
    The ideas are not useful for a truly functional household! For instance, howcan you wipe your hands on towels and not hang them up to dry?
    • See 2 previous
    • Teresa Teresa on Jul 10, 2024
      I LOVE the towel idea! How wet do your guest hand towels get? You don’t fold them back up and put them back between the bookends. The napkin idea is really cute too! What a fun way to put napkins out for guests.
  • Victoria Victoria on Jul 10, 2024
    Hmm, don't think ideas are really useful. They would not work at my house. Where does the used hand towel go after used? Napkins now fallowing all over? Nope not working at my house,