8 "Wow" Home Trends to Give Your Space Something Extra

Getting that “wow” factor in interior design is a goal. We're going to be talking about eight ways to create that wow factor in your home. My wow home trends are classic and timeless so you don’t have to keep changing them every year.

Accent wall

1. Paint

Paint is simple, anyone can do it, and afford it. Here’s the thing: there's no harm in having all of the walls in your room look similar, but that doesn't really add any wow factor. A wow factor is an accent wall. An accent wall is very powerful. It creates a nice visual layer and increases the depth of a room.

For example, a mirror and console table is super cute. But if it were on all white walls, it would not have the same presence as it does with the contrasting dark wall. How about adding that contrasting paint to the ceiling? Or create patterns with paint that offer unexpected and wow moments.

Wow wallpaper
How to create a wow moment with wallpaper

2. Wallpaper

Today’s peel-and-stick wallpapers create amazing wow factor moments. They're cost-effective and easy to apply. Hang a big, bold mural-like image on one wall. Or, place wallpaper on the ceiling. Better yet, how about putting it on your entry stairs?

Wow front door

3. Front door

What makes a great front door that speaks to someone who’s visiting? It might be the materials or the colors, but if it's a great front door, your visitor is going to be very excited to see what's happening inside your home.

Your door can be made from glass, or the size and shape can be unusual–just try to do something to change the standard front door to make it a wow moment.

Creating a wow moment in your foyer

4. Foyer

You can accomplish a wow moment right inside your front door with really comfortable seating, natural light, and that warm, welcoming feeling. Use stately mirrors above a distinctive credenza or a unique accent table. Use bold flooring and don’t forget the ceiling in the foyer.

Wow light fixtures

5. Light fixtures

Great design starts with great lighting. Light can fill and enhance space for a wow moment. But light fixtures are wow factors, too. When you select a light fixture that ties together the overall design with its colors and shapes, then it's like magic.

Think about light fixtures as the jewelry of the space. Create a wow factor with oversized light fixtures, light fixtures that have unusual shapes, or unique colors.

Oversized artwork

6. Oversized artwork

The sheer scale of an oversized picture is enough to create a wow factor. Just remember, it needs to be big and it needs to be bold. Stacking frames together will also give you the same effect. And if the images are meaningful to you, not only will they wow your guests, but they'll wow you, too.

Creating wow moments with bookshelves

7. Bookshelves

Are you always looking at everyone’s bookshelves on a Zoom call? I am! I want to see what’s on those shelves! They can be done really well with great colors, great materials, and stacked with really interesting features to create a wow moment. And when you get to see it in person, it's even better.

How do you create the wow moment with your bookshelves? You can use industrial shelving standard shelves with brackets, all painted in one color. It’s very economical and it looks built-in or customized for the space.

Wow home trends

8. Fireplace wall

A fireplace wall automatically becomes a focal point in a room. The eye is naturally drawn to it. But you want to enhance that focal point to be a wow factor in the room. I didn’t have a fireplace but I created the look of a fireplace. Create a wow factor by covering the fireplace with natural stone, a stone and wood combination, or simply painting it a bold color.

Wow home trends

That’s how you create affordable, reasonable wow moments. You can build on these wow factors to make them even bigger wow moments. You don’t have to create your wow home all at once. But these are steps and tools that you can use to create those wonderful spaces. And remember, it has to wow you first. Let me know in the comments if anything wowed you here!

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  • Skampy Skampy on Oct 25, 2023
    My favorite here is Trish's living room as it is my style. Very stylish with cozy colors. Wish I could see more of it.
  • Connie Connie on Nov 18, 2023
    What did you do to create the look of a fireplace on the wall? Was it difficult?