5 Dated Interior Design Trends to Avoid If You Want Timeless Style

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

Today I'm going to be talking about five interior design trends that I think are going to look dated sooner rather than later. Predicting dated interior design trends is a bit risky because it may not sit well with others.

However, I think it’s always best to promote timeless interior design over styles that will quickly come and go. Without further ado, let's get right into some home interior design trends you may want to avoid because they will most likely be out soon.

1. Fluted cabinets

I love the fluted texture. I think it adds interest to furniture, and I think it's marvelous. But I have to say, I think it is being overdone. I recently saw an entire kitchen full of cabinets on one wall done in fluted texture with fluted glass, and I just thought to myself that's a lot of fluting going around.

People are looking for more sustainable methods of acquiring their furniture, like opting for vintage and antique pieces, and because there really wasn't any fluted texture on furniture in the past, I think for this reason it will slowly ebb out. The second reason that I think that it will die down is because it was fueled by fast furniture manufacturers, like IKEA, Zara, and H&M.

So while fluted furniture is beautiful, it has to be done in moderation since it is unlikely to withstand the test of time. Just like popcorn ceilings, someday everyone will be trying to get rid of their fluted furniture.

2. Limewash

I know you have seen beautiful pictures and instances where limewash was used well, and it must have taken your breath away because it did mine. To be honest, limewash is beautiful, but I think it depends on how you use it and how you apply it. The reason why I think that it will die soon is because of the context within which it is being used.

Sometimes you have to be aware of the architectural details that your space is coming from before you choose what interior design you want to use in it. Not all of us who have a Spanish-style house with large windows that make limewashing look so good.

For most of us, limewash doesn't add much to our space, and I think the worst-case scenario is when limewash is paired with very bright colors, making it almost dizzying.

I would urge you to consider using a neutral version of it, meaning colors like white, beige, or gray, which will work in almost any space.

3. Open shelving

First things first, I think open shelving is a brilliant idea. It is used to add warmth in kitchens, especially if you use those nice rich wooden tones.

It can also highlight the horizontal, so overall, I think open shelving is beautiful.

Plus, it makes everything easily accessible instead of forcing you to ravage through cabinets looking for something that is hard to find.

That being said, open shelving has an interesting way of ending up with clutter on it. I know my own open shelves to be carriers of everything from things that belong in my handbag to things that belong in the bedroom.

Anything that doesn't have a place a proper place in your home is going to somehow land on that open shelf, so while I think they are great for displaying what you're collecting, for showing off your personal style, and for putting out family heirlooms, I think for the majority of us should stay away from open shelving. Furthermore, think about all the dust that will land on that open shelf.

4. Sculptural furniture

I think it's okay to use one or two pieces of sculptural furniture within a space. For example, if it's in the living room, you can opt to have a side table paired with some beautiful accent chairs that are sculptural.

But having everything sculptural might be going a bit overboard. In all reality, sculptural furniture can work wonders. It makes everything look inviting and warm, providing interest in a space with all those lines and edges broken up.

However, it works best when used as a focal point, like having a sofa that grounds everything in the room and gives a last impression.

The other reason why these pieces of furniture might not be for everyone is because of the types of houses we live in. Sculptural furniture is not going to be practical in every space, and you really have to think about your space before you rush out and buy the next piece of sculptural furniture.

5. Mirrored furniture

I have to admit, I only thought of one thing when I saw the mirrored cabinet design trend and that is Arabian Nights. With all this glitz and glamor, I think it's a bit over the top, especially if it is used as cabinet fronts in the kitchen.

Imagine the amount of cabinets that we have in the kitchen and then all of those cabinets being furnished by mirrors is a lot. I think it has to be done in moderation, if at all.

I think mirrored furniture is tolerable in other situations, but I'm personally not a fan of it. Think about all the fingerprints when people are opening and closing the doors. It is highly impractical and difficult to keep it clean.

I understand that interior designers like to push things sometimes, especially when they have a client who doesn’t have a limited budget, but I think there are countless other ways to introduce personality into a space while still being practical.

Interior design trends

Some interior design trends last forever while others become dated interior design trends no one wants at home. The key is to look for styles that remain timeless and those you want to have around for years to come.

What dated trends do you hate seeing around? Share the styles you wish were gone forever down below in the comments section that follows.

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