4 Trendy & Chic Tile Trends to Try Out in Your Bathroom

Let’s take a look at some tile trends. Much of the news is about how tile is stacked or used to create patterns to give a space a classic look with an edge. Let me show you how these looks are used as bathroom tile trends.

1. Checkerboard tile

There’s been a lot of growth in checkerboard patterns. They have definitely been super popular of late. I love that just by experimenting with contrasting colors and sizes it can work with just about any design aesthetic from Art Deco to super classic like this.

2. Imperfect handmade tile

Then we have the perfectly imperfect handmade tiles which add such an old-world charm to any space. These are obviously super trendy right now and won’t work for everyone. But I do believe these will be a go-to classic option for many years to come.

3. Striped tile

Then we have striped tile patterns. Whether you choose a horizontal or vertical stripe, these subtle patterns create a super-dynamic effect. It kind of gives me a sophisticated circus vibe and I am all about it.

4. Vertically stacked tile

We also have a vertically stacked tile trend. This trend takes traditional subway tile to all new heights. It gives your walls a really sleek and elongated look. I especially love this in earthy tones or bold colors.

Tile trends

Tile has changed a bit over time to give us more unusual but chic looks. I hope you are inspired by some of these trendy tile looks. Let me know your favorite in the comments.

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