How to Use Baskets When Decorating Your Home

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It’s no secret that I love baskets and basket decor. I use them all the time! They can be found all over my home and in many different ways. I will be sharing several easy, and sometimes functional ways, on how to use baskets when decorating your home.

Baskets are a simple and practical way to decorate your home.

Bountiful Fall Baskets

Today I am joining my friend Amber from Follow The Yellow Brick Home for her Bountiful Fall Baskets Blog Hop. If you are coming over from Thistle Key Lane’s blog, welcome! Don’t you just love how she used baskets? There is so much inspiration that can be found in this wonderful group of bloggers. Please make sure to head to the end of my post for their links as well.

How to Use Baskets When Decorating Your Home

Are you looking for a way to add more texture and dimension to your home decor? If so, consider embracing the timeless beauty of baskets! Baskets are an easy and inexpensive way to add playful color, interesting textures, and sophisticated style. No matter if you want that farmhouse chic look or prefer something with a more classic feel, this straightforward guide will teach you how to use baskets when decorating your home. From wall decorations to centerpieces – no corner of your house is off-limits for this versatile decorative accessory. Read on to learn about all the stunning ways in which you can create unique looks using only simple basket weaves!

Let’s chat about a few ways to use baskets when decorating your home.

This outdoor basket (on our former porch) is perfect for flowers!

Baskets On Your Walls or as Art

I love to use basket where they are not expected.

Just like in the picture below, I used this large round basket as a frame for my gather sign on this gallery wall in my dining room. Basket decor can be fun and unique! Hanging baskets on your wal can be as simple as adding a nail or command strip to hold them in place.

I sometimes love to add fun greenery for a pop of color. Baskets add instant texture to your walls and an element of surprise when you use them for things other than storage.

One way to use baskets when decorating your home...attach them to your wall.

In our previous home I used this tobacco basket for some visual interest behind a vignette on my favorite green painted dresser. It not only creates a feeling of art on display, but breaks up the monotony of the white wall.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to basket decorating ideas!

Mugs for days and a green painted dresser give this cottage kitchen a colorful nod to Spring.

Here is another basket on my favorite green dresser…holding flowers! See more of it in my Spring home tour.

Basket Decor For Storage

This one of course is a very common use for baskets. I use baskets all over our home for storage. We use them to store toys, clothes, shoes, linens and even to hide clutter.


Here are some baskets in our current pantry!

See my no sew curtain hack here!

Our shoes were kept in this fun blue basket. Baskets are a great way to wrangle like objects. We have baskets for our gloves, hats and more in most of our closets.

This vintage basket was a fun find! I love that it has a lid because it is the perfect spot to stash my clutter! Pretty and practical…killer combo!


Decorating With Baskets Ideas

I’m sure I even forgot a few ways I use them… oh and of course the most obvious is for décor! I am always on the hunt for baskets when I am out shopping and I never discriminate whether the basket being new, old, large or small.

This basket was originally my mom’s and I was in love with it so we did a little bartering/trading! It looks beautiful holding my dried hydrangeas.

Baskets are great for collections too.

Baseballs are a fun and easy way to decorate for summer.

Do you collect unusual items? Wire basket are a great way to show of your collections in a fun and functional way. Our family loves to collect baseballs wherever we go…especially from Spring Training in Arizona!

How to use baskets when decorating your home.

Decorating With Baskets Outdoors

Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere outside doesn’t have to be hard. Incorporating decorating with baskets is an easy way to decorate with some creative flair. Baskets can provide an interesting and unique look for patios, decks, porches, and backyard gatherings.

This vintage basket was perfect for our outdoor Christmas tree. See more here!

With just a little effort, you can find baskets in wicker, bamboo, plastic, or straw that will coordinate with the decor of your outdoor space. Fill them up with bright cushions or cozy blankets for colder nights outdoors and hang from outdoor columns or railings to enhance the coziness! Get creative by decorating smaller ones to use as seasonal planters or bird/flying insect repellents when filled with dried herbs and flowers. There are endless uses for decorating with baskets outdoors.

Here is my tobacco basket out front on our former porch from Fall . Doesn’t it look great above Ms. Fanny my beloved pew?

Baskets have come a long ways! I am never afraid to use vintge, new or indoor or outdoor baskets even outside.

More baskets on our old door to hold flowers and (below) under our pew! I use them everywhere. Baskets are perfect for decorating both inside and outside your home.

Flowers, especially hydrangeas in baskets seem to be my weakness. Not a bad weakness, right?

endless summer hydrangeas on brick pedestal

What to Put In Baskets for Decoration

Decorating with baskets in your home can really be easy and a lot of fun! I’m not shy when it comes time to add decor in my baskets.

Basket decor can be a great way to bring a charming elegance to any room in your home. From what to put in baskets for decorations, like lush greenery and flowers, to stylishly arranging decorative pieces, there are plenty of ways you can use wicker baskets to add a professional touch.

Baskets are a great way to decorate all areas of your home.

Whether trying out traditional weaving patterns or going more modern with tight knits, basket decor ideas span far and wide.

Another great idea is using old used baskets to add a vintage feel – with enough spray paint, you can turn any used basket into something special. The perfect space saver and easy accessorizer, baskets come in all shapes and sizes just waiting for your ideas on how to decorate them!

Basket for decor

A few other ideas of what to put in baskets for decorations can be found below!

  1. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
  2. One of the best things to put in a basket for decoration is seasonal fruits and vegetables. This can be anything from apples and oranges in the fall to strawberries and tomatoes in the spring. Not only will these items add a pop of color to your basket, but they can also be used as part of a healthy snack later on.
  3. Flowers
  4. Another great option for basket decoration is flowers. You can either use fresh flowers or fake flowers, depending on your preference. If you choose to use fresh flowers, make sure to select ones that are not too fragile so they can withstand being in a basket.
  5. Candles
  6. Candles are another great way to add both light and decoration to a basket. Choose candles that compliment the other items in the basket, such as scented candles if you have included potpourri or fruit candles if you have included fruit in the basket.
  7. Potpourri
  8. Potpourri is a great way to add both color and scent to a basket. You can find pre-made potpourri at most craft stores, or you can make your own by combining dried flowers, spices, and essential oils.
  9. Sachets
  10. Sachets are small bags filled with fragrant herbs, spices, or potpourri. They are a great way to add a touch of luxury to a basket while also keeping everything smelling nice.
  11. Soaps
  12. Soaps make a great addition to any basket, especially if they are handmade or come from a local store. Choose soaps that complement the other items in the basket in terms of both scent and color.
  13. Towels
  14. Towels are a practical addition to any basket, especially if the recipient is likely to use them. Choose towels that match the other items in the basket in terms of color and/or theme. For example, if you have included spa items in the basket, choose white towels with decorative edging.
  15. Glassware
  16. Glassware is another practical addition to any basket, especially if the recipient enjoys entertaining guests. Choose glassware that matches the other items in the basket in terms of both style and function. For example, if you have included wine glasses in the basket, choose stemware that is both elegant and durable.
This basket sits between our two chairs in our family room and holds blankets.

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How to Use Baskets When Decorating Your Home

As you can see, there are countless possibilities when it comes to decorating with baskets in your home. From basic storage solutions to more ornate display pieces, something as simple as a basket can really elevate the design of any space. Whether its using them as planters or using their natural texture in creative ways, find which decorative ways are best for your style and start crafting the ultimate cozy nest! And if you’re stuck for ideas just take a look at the many inspiring visuals online—there’s no shortage of tips and tricks out there when it comes to decorating with baskets. I want to know: how do you use baskets in your home? Share your design strategies below and let me know how you make the most of these versatile pieces!

Next up on the Bountiful Baskets Fall blog hop is my friend Kendra from Joy in Our Home, make sure to check out her lovely basket ideas. Then I hope you will take some time to visit my friends below for even more ideas and inspiration with baskets in decor.

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    I have a tall basket filled with old blankets.One of my cats adopted it as her bed.

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    The great old question of times past and future, how do you stop a basket from fulling up? I clean out all my baskets and within a week or 2 they are full again. Yes I use them for storage, to have things on hand easily, and I know the old rule if you have not used it by now ( in 5 yrs) throw it out or give it away.