How to Elevate Your Bathroom: 10 Chic Decor Ideas

If you are looking for simple and impactful ideas to elevate your bathroom and make a bold statement, you're in the right place. I'm sharing ten things you may already have in your home that you could use in your bathroom.

If you've been following me for a while, you already know I always use double-duty decor to style my home, especially now that everything is sky-high. Remember to shop your home before you buy.

Cleaning a bathroom

1. Cleaning

I'm giving my bath area a quick clean, starting from the top and working my way down. My tub isn't grimy dirty, but it's dusty. My mood depends on which cleaner I'm using for that day, and today, I'm using Method multi-purpose cleaner. I love the smell. If you don't own a stick vac, you need to get one in your life ASAP. This is great for getting into tight spaces.

Side table

2. Side tables

You guys have seen this side table before. It's from Ross Stores, and it was only $60. This table can be used in your living room or between two chairs at the foot of your bed. I'm using it as a bath table to hold my bath essentials.

Glass vessels with lids

3. Glass vessels with lids

They can be used for almost anything, and I'm refilling my bath salts in these jars that can also be used for candy or snacks, and they are from HomeGoods. They are very affordable and add that luxe look next to the bathtub.

Lazy Susans

4. Lazy Susans

Design your routine. I feel like Lazy Susans can be beneficial in any space. I have tons of marble decor pieces, so why not use one in your bathroom? If you have the space, they're just as functional in your bathroom.

This vase is a fave of mine, and I use it to hold the charging cables for my vanity mirror, electric toothbrush, etc.

Kitchen canisters

5. Kitchen canisters

Canisters can be used virtually for anything: Q-tips, cotton swabs, bath salts, etc. I'm using it to display an entire arrangement. I already had a small jar from a set of four and a little candle that I like to burn when getting ready for a date night.

Small vanity trays

6. Small vanity trays

These trays can be used anywhere in your kitchen to hold your salt and pepper, hand soaps, and lotion, which are beautifully displayed on them.

Glass carafes

7. Glass carafes

Have you guys tried this mouthwash by Colgate? It's pretty good. Gotta keep that breath fresh. I'm using a carafe to store it in, and it comes with a glass to help save on paper cups, giving your counters an elegant look.

Bathtub tray

8. Bathtub tray

I can't live without it. This one is from CB2, and I got it last year. It can also be used on a long counter.

Ice bucket

9. Ice buckets

Oh my gosh, I love them. I use them all the time to store fresh or faux flowers. This is just too pretty to be tucked away in a closet or a bar when it's not in use.

Whipped body soap and body brush

10. Whipped body soap and body brush

I love my whipped body soap; I stocked up on this over the holidays. It's from Sam's Club, and it's my favorite body brush, along with a candle. The only thing missing is a glass of wine.

I know you're shocked to see blue towels. It's a change from the white towels I always love to use, but these are so pretty. You get a different color and pattern when you turn them over.

We are living in hard times. Try not to let that get you down. Remember to shop your home, and maybe you can even get together with a group of friends and see if they want to swap items with you. It's a perfect money saver, and it refreshes your home.

How to elevate your bathroom

I hope you got new ideas for how to elevate your bathroom. What items do you use to give your bathroom a luxe feel? Share in the comments below. I love to see the many different decorating ideas you all have.

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  • Rey69391184 Rey69391184 on Jan 04, 2024
    My mom put mirrors in her bathroom. It makes the bathroom "feel" bigger. The option with the mouthwash is botheconomical and beautiful.
  • Susan Hughes Susan Hughes on Apr 25, 2024
    Beautiful bathroom, but British bathrooms are so much smaller. Wouldn't get half of that in mine!