7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas For a Spa-Like Experience

We are going to take a look at some small bathroom design ideas. Even though your bathroom is small, you can make it feel modern, luxurious, and spa-like.

We'll look at seven elements in your small bathroom that will help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

Modern lighting fixture

1. Lighting

When you walk into your bathroom, the first thing you're going to do is you're going to need to flip that switch. When the light turns on, make those light fixtures make a statement. So, let's talk about your vanity light fixture first.

Gone are the lighting strips. If you have these in your bathroom, it's time to upgrade. Look for vanity-like fixtures that fit your design style. Is your home traditional, modern, or contemporary?

Vanity lighting

If you don't want to go with a vanity light fixture, wall sconces are very popular now, too.

Instead of placing lighting above, people are opting for a soft glow of lighting on the sides of the mirror.

Depending on the light fixture, this will help with the shadows and glares that tend to shine down from above.

Pendant lighting in a bathroom

What's also popular is using pendant lighting in the bathrooms.

The lights drop down from the ceiling, creating a dramatic architectural effect.

Recessed lighting in a bathroom

Lastly, don't forget to add a few recessed lights in your bathroom.

Lighting just around the sink will not cut it. You should also have lights over your shower, tub, and toilet. You don't want these areas living in the shadows. You want to see all of those beautifully designed finishes as well as be able to move about the space safely.

Tile flooring in a bathroom

2. Flooring

First, we went up with the lighting, but now we're heading down to the floor. Here is my public service announcement again for today. If you have carpeting in your bathroom, please run to the nearest flooring store because it is time to upgrade.

Tile flooring is the natural choice for your bathroom. It's water-resistant, stylish, and long-lasting. Porcelain tile is an excellent option for full bathrooms with a lot of water use. It's dense and less porous and offers excellent stain and water resistance.

Luxury vinyl tile in a bathroom

Now, luxury vinyl tile is growing in popularity.

It also offers a high level of water, stain, and scratch resistance. It's easy to install and will last a long time as well. Your small bathroom design options are growing, so explore them before you choose.

Herringbone tiles

3. Wall treatments

Most small bathroom walls are usually covered with tile paint or even wallpaper. As designers, we're taught to cover the wet walls with tile. Shower walls are obvious, but this also includes the walls behind the sink and the toilet areas.

In your shower, use a field tile that covers most of the walls and then add an accent tile to create additional interest. You have many options here.

Adding a complementing paint color is also essential. The paint color should pull out all of the highlights in your tile.

Mix of wallpaper and tiles

Wallpaper is also nice to use on non-wet walls.

It can be used to highlight your field tiles as well. In a powder room, also known as a half bath, you can use bold wallpaper and cover the entire bathroom or perhaps just one wall.

Your wall treatments will bring the wow factor into your bathroom, so choose wisely.

Pedestal sink

4. The bathroom sink

First up is the pedestal sink. These have been used in small bathrooms for many, many years. They've always worked, but honestly, they're a little dated.

Instead, try a small freestanding vanity with an open base. This is more of an updated version of the pedestal sink.

In a tiny powder room, wall-mounted vanities are also great space-saving solutions.

Freestanding vanity

A freestanding vanity with storage below would be lovely if you have more space. Remember, a bathroom can always benefit from having more storage.

Shower and tub combos

5. Showers and tubs

In most small bathrooms, you'll see the combination of the shower and tub or just the shower.

There are several options for the tub. You can use a small freestanding tub. This is a contemporary designer look. Or you can use a typical tub but find one deep. This way, you can feel more luxurious in your small space.

If you prefer only to have a shower, this will help make the small space feel bigger. You can separate the shower area by using a glass partition.

Wet bathroom ideas

Sometimes, people forego a glass partition to create what is called a wet bathroom.

This means the bathroom finishes can all get wet, and the space can act as one large shower room. This is certainly a unique approach that tends to work best in small bathrooms.

Mirror above the sink

6. Mirrors

In a small bathroom, you typically don't have room to hang more than one mirror over the sink. So here is your opportunity to make a bold statement with your mirror choice.

A uniquely shaped mirror will stand out in a small bathroom. There are so many to choose from these days.

Mirror lit from behind

Or how about a mirror that is lit from behind?

This style helps to create a pleasant mood in the bathroom as well. Don't forget the mirror that covers the entire back wall. They help make a small bathroom feel larger.

Toilets that are flush against the wall

7. Toilets

Now, we can't forget about the toilet. There's nothing exciting about a toilet, but there are options.

Toilets that are flush against the wall are certainly more stylish, but of course, you can go with a standard toilet configuration.

The only thing I would suggest is avoiding the elongated toilet in your small bathroom. You don't need the toilet, of all things, to take up too much space in that small space.

Bonus time! Let's talk about decorative elements.

Small bathroom design ideas

If you have space, adding shelving over the toilet area or even artwork over the toilet area is a nice finishing touch.

But do remember to keep these items simple and scaled appropriately.

Small bathroom design ideas

These small bathroom design ideas can transform a tiny bathroom into a luxurious space. What do you do to elevate your small bathroom? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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