These Five Things You Already Own Make an Instant and Elegant Valentin

Five inexpensive and easy ways to set a Valentine’s day table with things you already have for a special and romantic meal for two!

Are you a last minute Valentine decorator? For me, Valentine’s Day is a secondary-tier holiday, especially since I no longer have any of my kids in the house to share Valentine classroom party and candy excitement with.

And while it’s SO not like me to not decorate for a holiday, the reason I usually don’t is because it always takes a backseat to Mardi Gras. Having both is just TOO much visual chaos going on!

See how I keep the holiday celebration going with my Mardi Gras tree here.

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But because I cannot stand to let a holiday go by without some celebration, I usually just on the spur of the moment set a table for me and my hubby using what I already have if we are spending this night at home.

What I do is so easy and it only takes these few small touches to make dinner special! You’ll notice most of these same elements at your favorite “white tablecloth” restaurant.

China, crystal, and fabric napkins.

This is the time to dust off the china and stemware you store all the time but never use and give it some love for Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t have china, white plates are always elegant.

Make sure to use glasses with stems and a fabric napkin. These two items are what elevate it the most to special status from an ordinary everyday meal. If you don’t like the way your table looks for an elegant dinner, go ahead and throw on a white tablecloth as well.

If you have napkin rings this is a great opportunity to give those some use too. I just used some pretty satin red ribbon I had and adorned it with vintage pins that were my mother’s.


Flowers are a MUST! And the traditional Valentine’s Day flower is the red rose. Because this is easy, short-cut Valentine decor, mine are even faux blossoms that I pulled from Christmas decor and from around the house. I know they will behave and I don’t have to pay the Valentine upcharge that roses have pre-February 14!


There are a few ways to add sparkle to your table. Crystal glasses. Silver. Candles also say this is a special meal! Here I’ve used my parent’s silver utensils, silver candlesticks, and a silver wine bucket. Gold accents also look lovely in a Valentine’s tablescape.

I also have a mirror that I use as a table runner still in place from Christmas that reflects candlelight so beautifully. It’s actually a mirror that’s intended to hang on a closet door. I also like to use it in my Christmas tablescapes, and winter tablescapes.

Red, pink, and white.

Without the traditional colors of red, pink, and white this would be an elegant dinner but wouldn’t necessarily say Valentine’s Day!

Pink and white are SO in and fresh right now. But I chose to go with only the classic, dramatic red and white this year. Your Christmas decor and linens can be a fantastic source for red as long as it doesn’t have a holiday pattern.

Cocktail tray with a wine bucket.

This touch makes such a special date night statement. Even if you don’t drink wine, don’t skip this tip! You can replace it with sparkling water or cider.

You can probably find a tray among your home decor or kitchen serveware that will work as well.

My simple Valentine table is set! We just need to light the candles, put on some Michael Bublé, and toast to each other with a little bubbly in our stemmed glasses.

I hope all of you are able to take a few minutes this Valentine’s Day with a loved one and show them how special they are.


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