My New Kitchen Design: Renovation Before & After

My kitchen renovation is finally complete. I lived in a mess but now I can share with you my kitchen design, including my hidden pantry. I will show you my countertops, cabinet designs, appliances, lighting, and more.


We gutted the kitchen and put in a hidden pantry reusing the cabinets from the original kitchen. My husband, Scott, took up the floor tile and he said he’ll never do that again.

We also added a beam to a load-bearing wall we had to demo.


I wanted high cabinets since the walls are so high. Can I reach these top cabinets? No! But I have a ladder. I put things I rarely use up there.

I have seen the tops of tall cabinets with glass fronts and I love it, but I didn’t want that in this kitchen. I just wanted an enclosed cabinet. I knew it would be a lot of white going up and across. That’s why I added a mantel.


We have really high ceilings so I wanted to use brick in the kitchen. But I wanted it to look like a chimney that was there for a very long time. This brick made the kitchen charming.

The mantel gives me a vintage, old-world feel. It’s also a great place to put artwork which helps break up all the white space. The artwork above the mantel is custom. I thrifted a frame and then found a vintage print on Etsy.

Cabinet color

I chose off-white for the cabinets and I stained my island black.


The hardware is the jewelry of the cabinets. I wanted to mix an updated look with a timeless, vintage look. The cabinet hardware I chose is a little more updated. On the off-white cabinets, I chose black hardware.

On the top cabinets, I chose knobs, not the elongated handles.

On the black island, I did brass hardware to make it stand out.


I chose quartz for the counters. I love the look of light, airy marble.

Farmhouse sink

My favorite thing about the farmhouse sink I chose is I can wipe up my counters right into the sink. It’s much easier.

The island

I was excited to have a much larger island in this new kitchen. I wanted a rectangular countertop for the island but the traffic pattern wouldn’t allow for that. We cut edges and angles on each end of the island.


I chose backless stools to keep everything visually clean. I chose gray and white striped stools so they would stand out against the black island.

We added a black outlet underneath the island.

Hidden pantry

I always keep the doors open because I love this room.


I love the subway tile and the one I chose has a little wave to it. I chose a darker gray grout so it would really stand out and break up the cabinetry.

Drawer storage

I put a spice rack drawer next to my oven.

On the other side, I store my cooking pans.

I have a drawer that organizes all the ziplock bags.

I have a pull-out trashcan drawer.


I have a brass faucet that is simple and elegant.


Rope lighting

I have under-counter rope lighting. This rope lighting keeps the light even across the counter.


The pendants are lanterns without glass so I don’t need to clean them. But they have that old-world feel I was after.


We fell in love with this soft black refrigerator. We especially love the drawer that holds cans of drinks.

Island microwave drawer

I chose stainless steel appliances for the island so they would stand out. We also chose a drawer microwave that’s stainless steel.

Eat-in kitchen area

I added a beautiful antique-style wall sconce to add more lighting.

I added a piece of furniture that I got for $70 from Facebook Marketplace to fit this space perfectly. I added legs. I added a lamp and accessories.


I love mixing new and old things. A curated home is so inviting. So let me show you what I did in the kitchen.

I found two large antique spoons and put them on the wall.

I added three cutting boards–a couple are antiques and one comes from Hobby Lobby. I have a brass antique piece (I don’t know what it is!).

I love this brass and copper kettle. It’s just for decor.

I have a set of antique-looking copper salt and pepper grinders.

On the far counter is a crock filled with old rolling pins next to a couple of cookbooks.

I also added this old architectural piece between my kitchen and dining room.

Kitchen design

I never in my entire life had a new kitchen so I’m so happy with this. I hope this tour gave you some kitchen renovation ideas for your home. Let me know what you think in the comments. And if you know what some of these antique pieces are, let me know in the comments, too!

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  • Ruby Phillips Ruby Phillips on May 16, 2024
    Wow!! You're a Very Lucky Lady !! Absolutely love your kitchen !! Enjoy it !! Thank you for the tour .
  • Hope Hope on May 31, 2024
    Hi Jennifer...Magazine Worthy for sure!!! The ONLY thing I would change…and this is just me…would be your mantle. With it being painted white, it kind of melts into the wall. "I think" a chunky mantel made from a gorgeous piece of old pecan wood or walnut would be really beautiful. But again…that’s just me. ;) Have a great day!!!