10 Tips for Beautifully Styled Kitchen Countertops

Styling your kitchen isn't much different from styling your dining or coffee table! Here are 10 tips to create a beautifully styled kitchen of your own:

1. Open Shelving Magic

If you have open shelving, here's a tip: Use the lower shelves for items you use often, and the upper shelves for less frequently used items.

You can also style your food storage containers! I love the Remi Shelf system - it's a lifesaver for keeping containers organized.

2. Trays for the Win

Trays are my secret weapon for adding layers and texture to my counters.

I love using anything marble because it's classic and timeless. Colorful flowers are another great way to brighten your space.

3. Non-Traditional Flower Power

Tip number two is using a non-traditional item to display your flowers! Here, I'm using two candle holders I found at a flea market for just a couple of bucks each.

4. Canisters for More Than Just Cookies

Canisters are perfect for storing utensils, especially if they're functional. I keep my cooking utensils within easy reach because I use them all the time. Plus, it saves space in your drawers. Think about how you use your kitchen and store things accordingly. For example, I keep my salt and pepper by the stove.

5. Corral It on a Tray

Keep things neat and contained on a tray! I'm using a marble tray from HomeGoods to corral everything on my counter.

I have another vase with flowers, and some jelly jars I use for cream and sugar.

6. Style Your Sink Area

Bring your sink to life with some pretty and practical items. This marble vanity tray from the bathroom aisle at HomeGoods makes a perfect sink tray.

I also added some pretty hand soap and lotion, a small tray for my scrubber, and a new candle for after-dinner relaxation.

7. Kitchen Towel Flair

A pretty kitchen towel adds a pop of color near your sink or oven.

8. Island Oasis

If you have a kitchen island, style it up - it's the focal point of the room! I love using a large vase for flowers, maybe with a smaller one beside it.

I also like to switch things up by adding snacks in a beautiful crystal jar from HomeGoods (inspired by Khloe Kardashian!).

9. Fresh Produce Power

Fresh fruits and veggies look amazing on your counter. Depending on how much I have, I'll display them until I'm ready to use them. Use whatever you have on hand - here I'm simply using a cutting board.

10. Refresh and Rejuvenate

I hope this inspired you to freshen up your kitchen! Sometimes, just buying a few new items or replacing old ones that don't serve a purpose can make a big difference.

Stay uplifted, and thanks for watching!

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