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Answer me this: Are the items on your bathroom vanity ones you actually use, or are they purely decorative? This is what can make decorating a vanity a little tricky. You want it to be pretty, right? But you also want it to be functional for everyday use. Well, I’m here to tell you it can definitely be both! In fact, I recently found some awesome items that’ll keep your bathroom essentials organized (and hidden)! Keep reading for simple, yet functional, bathroom vanity decor ideas!

I should start by saying there a million and one ways to switch-up different vanity decor items, so I am just sharing what is currently working for us; but definitely play around with different items until you find the right combination that suits you.

Start with a Base

I like to start out with a nice tray as a base. Find one that works well in the space you’re working with: shape, size, and material wise.

The Target Bullseye section usually has some great options as well, for super cheap. (Just today I saw a round rattan one with handles for only $5!) And actually, the black metal tier tray we are currently using in our master (pictured below) is from Target Bullseye. Little gold mine that section is! 🙃

Prioritize Items of Function

Prioritize what you use daily. For most this would be items such as hand soap, lotion, q-tips, etc. Think of how these items would look best displayed and choose a few to sit front and center on your tray.

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Add Complimentary Decor

Items I like to add in are greenery or flowers (fresh cut are always a nice touch), a pretty hand towel or rolled washcloth, framed picture or artwork, and I love adding something scented like a candle or reed diffuser.

Play around with the arrangement of all these items and find what bathroom vanity decor works for you! The best part is, if you don’t like it you can just switch it up again!

+PRO TIP: Would you guess that little gold tin (I keep my cotton rounds in) was a candle?! I actually bought this candle specifically for that cute tin! After your candle burns out, reuse the container by freezing it overnight to harden the wax, then use a sharp knife to break apart the wax. It’ll pop right out, and you can use a hairdryer and tissue to melt/wipe away any remaining wax.

So tonight when you’re getting ready for bed, I hope you’ll check out your own vanity space and be inspired to make it better suit you.

Happy decorating!

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