How to Style Post-Holiday Winter Decorations in Your Home

We are going to be using some winter decorations, which I'm so excited to share with you. Once Christmas is over, I find myself looking for winter decorating ideas to keep enjoying the beauty of the season. I use many thrifted items, so you can easily create this look on a budget.

Disclaimer: I may receive a small affiliate commission from purchases made via links in this article but at no cost to you.

Winter entryway

I added this lamp that I picked up at a thrift shop.

Pleated lampshade from Target

I decided to change the lampshade because I wanted to do something a little bit more vintage-looking, so I went with this pleated one from Target. Then, moving to the right, next to the lamp, I added these books.

Thrifted coffee table books

Some of these are thrifted, this one is the Feels Like Home, you can find that one on Amazon. On top of that, I just added a book placed in the opposite direction: I like having the flipped look just to keep it a little bit cleaner and minimal.

Vintage clay pot

On top of the Paris Living Rooms book, I added a vintage clay pot.

Lighting a Casaluna candle

Next, I added the brass little tray from Target, from their newest release, and a Casaluna candle.

Vase with winter branches

On the opposite side, I added a vase from Hobby Lobby with some branches from outside.

Console table with winter decor

Last but not least, I added my favorite piece from the Studio McGee collection, a sitting woman portrait.

Living room

Formal living room without decor

This is our formal living room.

Coffee table with tray decor

We're going to start with my coffee table, where I added this marble tray and put a candle and a little candle with a trimmer on it.

I also placed a vase from HomeGoods next to the tray. I took some branches from the tree outside my house because I thought it would be the perfect way to describe winter. It evokes the feeling of the leaves being gone and the branches just being bare outside. Next to that, I included this Down to Earth book.

Magnifying glass on top of a book

I really love this specific page, so I opened it up to that page and then placed a magnifying glass on top of it for visual interest.

Empty books
Book-style storage boxes

Next are these books from Etsy; they're empty inside.

They’re basically a shell of a book, designed to look like a book while functioning as a storage box. I haven't seen anything like this before, but they're like your very expensive decor books, but they're very functional; I think that is so much better than paying a hundred dollars for the architectural digest book.

Throw pillows on a couch

Moving on to my couch, I used these awesome taupe velvet pillows.

I bought these at Home Goods, and the other pillows, including the floral one, are from Target. I especially love this gold pillow I found recently at Michael's.

Folded throw blanket on a sofa

Moving to the opposite side of my couch, I added this pretty blanket.

I don't change it out because it's my favorite blanket, so I just draped it on the side with no intention to do it. I didn't try and perfect it or anything.

Console table in the corner of a living room

Next is my console table, which I finally found a place for. I really like the way it looks here, and what I did here for a focal point is to create a makeshift lamp.

Vintage-style lampshade

These vintage lamps are extremely expensive, like $300, so I made one with a vase, a pillar candleholder, and a lampshade ( small size).

Then I ordered some puck lights to put inside of it, on top of the candle holder, to make it more functional. I love the way it looks.

Books, vase, and flowers

Right next to it, I added two more home decor books with a Studio McGee vase and added these chamomile flowers.

Although it's not spring in California, these bloom during this time. So that's the reason why I added these. I think it just adds that natural touch from California. You could do a flower native to your state or just bare branches like the rest of my home.

Paper mache bowl

Right next to that, I added a paper mache bowl.

Finished console table decor

This is the finished console table decor.

Fluffing the ottomans

Last but not least, I fluffed up my ottomans and called it a day.

Winter decorations in a living room

I love how simple and minimal the room looks.

Winter decorations

I hope you enjoyed my winter decorations and got inspiration for your own home. Winter doesn't have to be stark; you can have beautiful, cozy decor inside; let me know what your favorite part of my decorating was, and share your own winter decorating ideas in the comments below.

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  • Dgr20361531 Dgr20361531 on Feb 11, 2024
    pretty but sooo staged. Not everyday friendly or useful
  • Pat Pat on Mar 17, 2024
    Didn't you know, all of these pictures are staged. No one 'lives' in such perfection. Even my neighbor, whose house is so clean and perfect you're afraid to sit down because you'll muss the pillows, leaves her needle work and teacup out. And, she has pictures of her grandkids. In other words, persnickety clean or not, she lives there.