Take a Tour of This Beautiful Barn Home in Alabama

We're in Prattville, Alabama, at Pecan Grove to give you the full barn home tour. We'll show you all the beautiful details they've incorporated into this floor plan. You're going to love it.

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Foyer in a barn-style home


The paint color is Benjamin Moore White Dove. All of the lights came from Wayfair. I love the seeded glass in the front door, which is from a local lumber company. The trim in this room is simply white.

Vaulted ceiling and cove molding

There is the vaulted ceiling and cove molding.

At first here, when you're trying to get everything coming together, you think, do I need these lights? Do I want to put a mirror? You go through how you're going to style it. It's beautiful. I love the sconces.

I had picked up this console piece at a flea market. This was veneer and had started peeling. So I had to take the top off and paint the rest.

We love the single door, even though we could change the front door, the pecan, from a single to a double.

Living room in a barn-style home

Living room

Now we're going to turn around and we're going to look at the living room. There is a beautiful view out onto the swimming pool and then a forest behind in this beautiful vaulted space.

Dining room in a barn-style home
Living room with stained wood trim

I opted to have all this wood trim stained because I can go in and paint it later if I don't like it.

Dining room

I love how the stairs are a feature. Without them, there would be a big, huge blank wall. The dining room is very spacious because I come from a family where there are nine kids, and my family, Lenny's family, has eight kids, so I needed space. The dining room is nice and big, which is perfect for us.

Barn-style kitchen


I love my kitchen. I love the hardware, which I got from Amazon. I had pops of the brass, and I was torn. At first, I wasn't a big fan of this, but I didn't want just a simple white look.

The light fixtures are from Clay Cafe on Etsy. They're made of pottery. I like that handmade look.

Kitchen with quartzite countertops

Our counter is quartzite.

It's a beautiful slab. I wanted that to be a piece of furniture. We did it partially to save money and make it more furniture-like.

Like in European kitchens, they have kitchen furniture. When this piece was built in, I thought it was overwhelming. Then, trimming it out and everything, I just didn't want to mess with it.


Half bath

Some of the decor is from Hobby Lobby. I love pedestal sinks, and even though it's not perfect in here, it's cute.

Homemade bench

My great-grandmother painted this and the bench we made.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

The ceiling is vaulted, and we have this light fixture. The light fixture I got from Wayfair was $100. It has a coastal feel.

Oversized chairs

We added the oversized chairs for reading to my grandkids.

For the barn door, we used the leftover board to make it.

Laundry room

Laundry room

We haven't done much to the laundry room because the puppies stay here. It's a good size.

Home office


This is the office here. It's worked out. We utilized all that dormer space. We've got a good view.

Bedroom suite

Second bedroom suite

This is my son and his wife's suite. It's almost like a built-in headboard, and the other room is like that.

Pretty vanity in the bathroom

In their bathroom is such a pretty vanity.

Kid's room in the barn home

Kid's room

Here's the kids' room. I love this because it has a stencil that looks like wallpaper.

Exterior of the barn home
Outdoor patio seating area with a fireplace


The outside was Lenny's thing. During the planning stages, we decided to eliminate a portion of the back porch and just do this portion where we have an outdoor living area and fireplace.

Front porch with rocking chairs

I love my front porch. The blue color on the ceiling is Palladian Blue.

Barn home

We hope you have enjoyed our barn home tour. Hopefully, you've gotten inspiration for your own barn home. What was your favorite space? Let us know in the comments below.

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