Hidden Pantry Ideas: How to Organize Cabinets & Shelves

We’re doing a kitchen remodel and I want to show you our hidden pantry. Scott worked so hard on planning and constructing these DIY pantry cabinets and shelves. I will also share a few other pantry organization ideas with you. Let me take you on a tour of my pantry remodel.

Inside-cabinet Potlid Organizer

You can also add more storage inside your cabinets by maximizing your door space with this potlid hanger hack!

1. Cabinetry

Here are the old cabinets from my kitchen. We repurposed them by painting them. This is how to save money on a DIY project. If you don’t have cabinets to repurpose, look on Facebook Marketplace for some.

2. Color choice

I picked several colors close to what I thought I wanted. I put them all together to do a color comparison. The color I chose was a Sherwin-Williams color called Coastal Plain and my wall color–one of my favorites–is Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak.

3. Baseboards

One of the trends I’ve seen is painting baseboards and trim the same color as either your wall or cabinets. I love the way it turned out.

4. Hardware treatment

Another way I saved money on this DIY project was by keeping the hardware the same but using Rub ‘N Buff to turn the knobs and handles antique gold.

5. Countertops

I chose a butcherblock countertop purchased from Home Depot. This is a great choice for a prepping pantry.

6. Ceiling

I love how this inexpensive shiplap board ceiling turned out. We went with this because this house has popcorn ceilings that were painted over, which I hate, and they are impossible to remove. This is the perfect solution and adds so much more character to the space.

7. Pantry shelves

My very favorite thing is that each shelf is lit up using strip lighting. It makes everything shine. When you open the door, these lights automatically go on and go off when the door closes.

8. Vintage items

One of the things that makes a house unique is when you go shopping for vintage and antique items to use.

I found old jars to use in my pantry. I infiltrated the new with the old.

I also added old baskets and vintage items on top of my refrigerator.

To the right of the ridge are vintage-looking floating glass prints.

I also have vintage kitchen utensils hanging on the wall.

Here is an antique jar with sweetener and an antique salt shaker.

Here’s an antique box to hold tea plus a vintage-style print of sheep from HomeGoods.

9. Light fixture

This fixture with the gold patina pairs well with the hardware.

10. Backsplash

This stone backsplash was so easy to do. It adds a layer of character.

11. Window

I wanted light in this space but I also wanted privacy. I used a simple window film (cling) that attaches with water and it peels right off. It looks great from the outside, too.

The curtain adds a little splash of color and pattern.

12. Organizational tools and items

This junk drawer organizer is made of little plastic moveable containers.

Here’s my Keurig pod drawer.

Here’s a clear plastic lazy Susan for my cabinet that helps you see everything.

I purchased simple labels from Etsy for my containers.

These shelves organize my paper products.

Hidden pantry ideas

I hope these DIY pantry ideas were helpful. You can see how easy and inexpensive some of these tips can be for your own home. Let me know your favorite tip from this DIY pantry project by leaving a comment below.

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  • Dupin Dupin on Apr 25, 2024
    Interesting. I had to go to the Sherman-Williams and Benjamin-Moore sites to figure out the colors as they varied too much on your pictures. The first two pictures had me thinking, "Oh, avocado green is back, but it's a nicer green than that. The baseboard color works well here. I thought I was seeing an open refrigerator door in those pictures at first rather than a lit open pantry. I'm not seeing the door in those pictures, so I'll take your word that there is one there. I may have to look at doing some sort of lighting like that, though maybe on either side of the door (mine has a slight walk-in). With all the cans, boxes, jars, and bags of foods in mine, I definitely couldn't do a display like yours. The butcherblock countertop is something I've been contemplating, and yours encourages me that way. I have a vaulted ceiling and would like to get rid of the inset fluorescent lights, but I don't think the shiplap will work there, though I like it. Again, the pictures were a bit confusing on the backsplash. In the long views, they looked like some sort of light-colored marbled panels. It was only the last picture that gave closer to the real color and that it was rock, though I wonder if that picture shows it darker than it really is. Still, it's an interesting concept I might try. K-pods in a jar in your pantry and a drawer devoted to them. You do like your K-cups of coffee 😊 This kitchen is more nicely done than a lot of what I've seen on this site. I may try some of these. Thanks!
  • Susan Susan on Apr 26, 2024
    Wow, you really did a great job. I was trying to find out more details on the backsplash, but I couldn't locate them on your site.