How to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive: 10 Elegant Ideas

Let’s just admit it–our tastes are bigger than our budget! We all want our dream kitchen so I’ll help you realize how to make your kitchen look expensive on a budget.

Here are 10 tips and ideas you can implement in your kitchen to make it an expensive-looking kitchen. No worries, you don’t need to invest in a big redesign to get your dream kitchen.

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1. Brighten with paint

In most cases, if your kitchen is dark and drab, just lighten up the walls with paint. If your cabinets are dark, lighten them up with paint, too! That’s what we did a few months back. We love the new bright and airy look in our kitchen.

2. Switch lighting

I decided to update our lighting from the before shot (above) to this lovely crystal chandelier. I loved my lighting but I wanted to change it to lighter crystal lighting with candelabra lights. I chose a chandelier that is light and whimsical yet it has a traditional style and feel that works well.

I chose 14-inch mini-chandeliers that are elegant and tailored to go over my island instead of pendant lights.

Look at the detail of the leaves on the wall mount. The shade helps diffuse the light.

3. Update your window treatments

Drapes play a big role in shaping your interior style. We updated our old blinds with shutters. These shutters keep our kitchen so much cooler in the summer.

In the dining room, I still love curtains for that cozy look. I bought curtains that were too short so I added fabric to the bottom hem. ( Similar drapes can be found here.)

I think it’s also important to steam out the wrinkles of new drapes after you buy and hang them.

4. Update your appliances

This will save you energy costs and also boost the resale value of your home. We opted for a smart refrigerator and we love it. Our new dishwasher uses way less water than our old dishwasher which was 10 years old.

My motto has always been a clean kitchen is a luxurious kitchen. I’m not a fan of having tons of appliances on our counters. I love the retro look of my Smeg toaster, though!

5. Update drawer pulls and hardware

This is a simple change that has a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen. I have new acrylic pulls that cost $30 for 10 pulls. They are lightweight but heavy-duty enough for kitchens and baths.

6. Add an area rug or runner

An area rug in the kitchen or eating area adds warmth and personality. It’s an easy way to infuse color, depth, character, and warmth underfoot.

7. Indulge in decorative dishtowels

I love pretty dishtowels. Sometimes I use them as huge napkins when guests come over. That’s how pretty they are! They add that little touch of whimsy to your kitchen and they are very affordable.

8. Incorporate greenery

I always bring some greenery to my kitchen. It adds life whether it’s real or faux. I use them as centerpieces on my table. Here are my favorite boxwood balls, styled in white planters, and you can get them anywhere, from HomeGoods to Hobby Lobby.

9. Style your island

Use simple, elegant pieces, like ginger jars. Grouping them has more of a style impact than just placing one on the island.

10. Hang artwork

You spend so much time in the kitchen, why not get something that speaks to you? I bought this wall art from T.J. Maxx (2 for $20 at the time of purchase). I love it because it has that French country feel.

I hope you learned some wonderful ways to make your kitchen look expensive without having to renovate! Let me know your favorite tip by commenting below. Are you planning to make your kitchen look expensive this year? Share your plans with us in the comments, too.

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