Refreshing My Kitchen With French Country-Style Summer Decor

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I am going to be decorating for summer. I can't wait to share my summer decor with you guys. I will be using lots of color to brighten up my space. So let's go ahead and get right into placing my summer decorations.

I picked up a few things at Walmart, and I love the strawberry look for this summer. So when I saw this curtain, I thought it would look perfect in my kitchen.

Then, I got a few of these little mini picks. I love these. I think the strawberry look for summer is going to be so cute, and I love these little daisies that are on here as well.

I also got the larger strawberry bush.

Next, I got these cute little white flowers I'm going to put in a wreath.

For my kitchen, I got some microfiber sponges, and I loved how these matched with the theme that I was going with.

I absolutely fell in love with this mixing bowl. I am going to place it under my KitchenAid mixer for display, and I think it's gorgeous.

Then, I brought out a few of my hand towels that I'm going to put on display. I love the red check because it goes with the strawberries. And my other towels have a light blue stripe on them.

I'm really excited about switching out this wreath. I love using what I have instead of buying brand new things. I picked up a few of those florals that I just showed you, and I'm going to be putting those in this wreath to go with the theme that I have going on.

I decided to leave the greenery and the white flowers that were already in here, so now I'm just adding the other white flowers that I purchased and those really adorable strawberries.

Just look how cute she is. I love this wreath. I've never decorated with strawberries before. It is very bold choosing the color red, but I am loving this cute look for summer.

Here is a floral arrangement I added to my wicker basket.

This curtain is a three piece set, and it is designed to be a cafe-style curtain. So it usually has the top valance and then the two side panels, which go in the very center of the window. The valance was not long enough or wide enough to fit my window, but I came up with a solution to use the side panels for each side and not place them in the center of the window. I'm really digging the way this looks.

Here is the mixing bowl I purchased all set up on my mixer.

Right now everything is getting really nice and warm outside, and all of my flowers are blooming. I have some iceberg roses and geraniums in my backyard, so I went ahead and picked one of each. I think it looks so pretty sitting here on my sink next to the hand soap and dish soap dispensers.

One of my favorite parts about spring and summer are all of the blooms and my roses are blooming like crazy outside right now so instead of going to the store and buying a bouquet of flowers, I decided to walk outside and pick a few. I love placing these in vases throughout the house.

Now that I have the kitchen area all decorated for summer, I'm going to head on into the family room to start by redecorating this mantel area. I'm going to put the bunnies away and try to add more of the same colors onto my mantel.

I'm also going to switch out a few throw pillows over here on my sofa to add a little bit of color and kind of tie everything in together.

All of the florals that I will be adding to this I found at Dollar Tree. I'm really loving the blue. I also added a pop of yellow in here as well.

And now I'm just going to come over here where I have my china cabinet. I have this planter box that I like to decorate, so I'm just going to take out that peach-colored flower and add in more of that blue and yellow.

I think it turned out beautifully. I love how all of these colors are coordinating together in different spaces in my home.

When I was thinking of ways to add color to my sofa, I have some pillow covers that are a toile blue, and I thought that would look really pretty with the blue that I'm already using. But I tried putting them on my pillow inserts and they did not fit. So I went back into my closet where I have a lot of my pillow covers and throw pillows and stuff like that, and I ended up finding these really pretty red toile pillows, so I ended up using those instead.

I also have a flower market pillow that is going to go right in the center, and I think this worked out perfectly.

As I was taking a look around both of these rooms, I looked at this basket here and realized that it really needed just something a little bit more. And I did find some greenery that I just kind of put off to the side that spills out with some little tiny white flowers and I love how everything is looking. I think it looks bright, it looks summery, and it just all came together so beautifully.

Summer decor

It’s fun to get new summer decor ideas, and the best way to do that is to hit the stores, see what you already have on hand, and experiment a bit. Summer decor for home is a great way to welcome in the new season, so what are you waiting for? Get started now!

What summer decor pieces do you see yourself putting out this year? Share your ideas for summer home decor below.

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  • Kathrine Anderson Kathrine Anderson on Apr 30, 2024
    I love the idea of using a decorative mixing bowl with the kitchen aid mixer. I am going to do this with mine!